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Like the name says, deck screws are screws made specifically for decks. Our deck screws can be used for building any kind of deck. They are made of 410 stainless steel, the strongest stainless steel in existence. The result is an incredibly strong screw that is rust-resistant. For decks made of hardwood with tannic acid, we recommend using coated deck screws.

You want to use a deck screw because of the distinctive properties these screws have. The razor-sharp tip prevents the wood from splitting and means you do not have to pre-drill in pine wood.

The screws are made of 410 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is incredibly strong and easily accommodates the expanding and shrinking of the wood. 410 stainless steel can only oxidate very slightly. The flutes above the thread create room for the shaft of the screw. This removes the tension from the screw, resulting in a virtually non-existent chance of splitting. The small head contains milling ribs and sinks beautifully into the wood. 

The type of wood determines the type of deck screw you will need. Many species of hardwood contain tannic acid. In these cases, we recommend using coated deck screws. The coating protects the screw against the tannic acid. When you use a regular galvanised or 410 stainless steel screw, you will find that the tannic acid damages the screw so much you will not be able to use it anymore after some time. In conclusion, use coated deck screws for hardwood containing tannic acid, like oak, garapa, and red cedar wood. Note: we recommend pre-drilling in hardwood to prevent splitting the wood.

Do you use softwood? Then use our 410 stainless steel deck screws.

The length of the deck screws is determined by the thickness of the plank you are using. We recommend using a deck screw twice the thickness of the plank. For example, for a board with a thickness of 25 mm, you will need deck screws with a length of 50 mm. This creates the strongest connection with the beams below.

Our deck screws are usually already equipped with milling ribs which cause the screw to countersink nicely. Do you want to countersink the screw more, or are you working with smooth planed wood? Then use a countersink drill bit.

It is important to keep the right distance between the planks when you are building a wooden deck because wood will always shrink and expand. To keep the same distance between all the planks, use deck spacers.

The distance between the planks depends on the type of wood. Softwood needs a wider space than hardwood. Keep a gap of at least 5 mm for hardwood and of at least 10 mm for softwood planks. This is especially important for dry wood, as this will definitely expand later on. 

Three of the main advantages of deck screws:

  • The cutting point is incredibly sharp, so they will easily cut into the wood. This also helps to prevent the wood from splitting. Are you working with hardwood? Then we do still recommend pre-drilling the holes.
  • The deck screws are equipped with both milling ribs and flutes. The milling ribs can be found under the head and cause the screw to countersink nicely into the wood. The flutes are situated above the threading and cause the screw to cut into the wood even faster. Added to that, they lessen the tension, which in turn lowers the chance of the wood splitting. 
  • Deck screws come in all shapes and sizes, so you will always find the one you need.

The best way to secure deck screws is by using a cordless drill with a corresponding drill bit. We recommend using the right drill bit to prevent damaging the screw. The most commonly used drive head for deck screws is Torx 25. Simply attach the TX25 drill bit to the drill, and you will find that the screws easily cut into the wood. Tip: use a magnetic bit holder for extra comfort.

If you are working with hardwood, we recommend pre-drilling the holes. The size of the drill bit depends on the size of the deck screw you are going to use. If you are using 4.0 mm deck screws, pre-drill with a 2.5 mm hardwood drill bit. The most common deck screw size is 5.0 mm. For these deck screws, we recommend pre-drilling with a 3.5 mm drill bit.

Do you want to pre-drill in softwood? This is possible but not necessary. If you want to pre-drill, you can use the same sizes as recommend for pre-drilling hardwood.

With hardwood planks, we recommend to always pre-drill the holes to limit the chance of splitting the wood. Fasten the screws in one movement and make sure they do not go too deep to prevent the head from breaking off. In places where the deck dries fast and often, we advise you to use 3 screws per junction. 

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Wovar Deck Screws

Do you want to build a professional wooden decking? Use our Wovar Stainless Steel 410 quality Deck Screws when installing your deck. A deck is an investment in itself, which makes our mounting screws the right choice for you. The screws with which you mount your decking will need to pass the test of time. The weather causes your wood to expand and contract. Galvanized screws are strong enough to handle this movement of your decking, but they will oxidize over time. Normal stainless steel screws of A2 or C1 quality do not oxidize, but are much weaker than galvanized screws. You will find that these screws break continuously and cannot handle the movement of the wood. Wovar is your online screw shop for Stainless Steel Hardwood Screws. These screws are well-suited for hardwood decking and mounting other hardwood planks. In addition to our Stainless Steel 410 Deck Screws, see also our Galvanized Garden Screws with Torx Star Drive!  Delivery throughout Europe is available between 2 to 5 business days.

Attributes of Wovar Decking Screws

Our high-quality Wovar Deck Screws are made of Stainless Steel 410 grade (Alloy 410 (UNS S41000) is a 12% chromium martensitic). These screws do not oxidize and are just as strong as galvanized screws. Their special heat treatment makes these decking screws extra resilient. Wovar decking screws are also known as terrace screws or patio screws in some regions. The screws have an extra deep Torx 25 Drive, which ensures that your tool will not slip while screwing it in. Naturally, Wovar supplies this bit for free with every box of deck screws. Our flat countersunk head is complimented with milling ribs underneath. This firmly secures the screw into the wood, which provides a nice finish. Are you planning to install smooth-planed decking boards? Then, use the Wovar Countersink Drill Bits, 4 mm, for a beautiful countersink of our decking screws.

The Right Length of Deck Screws

Because the decking screws have partial threads, your decking boards are pulled tight against your joists. The handy cutting point ensures that you do not have to pre-drill with softwoods. If you wish to install hardwood decking boards, however, we recommend it. You can use our 3.5 mm hardwood drill bits for this. Choose the correct length of decking screws by multiplying the thickness of your decking board by 2. Are you installing decking boards with a thickness of 25 mm? Then choose our (25 x 2 = 50 mm) 5 x 50 mm Deck Screws. Also, ensure the correct distance between your shelves, with our range of Spacers.



Decking Board Spacers

For the perfect assembly of your decking boards, the screws are of course very important. In addition to the screws, the distance between the decking boards also determines the look of your decking. Crooked planks and different spacings can ruin an otherwise beautiful deck. Ensure even spacing with the Wovar spacers. The spacer is multifunctional, so it is suitable for spaces of 5, 7, 8, and 10 millimeters. In addition, extra attention has been paid to ease of use in the design. As a result, the spacer will not simply fall between the decking boards.

The best distance to use differs per type of wood. We have listed the most common distances for popular wood types:

  • 5 millimeters: Ipé wood, Padouk wood, and thermally modified wood.
  • 7 millimeters: Mukulungu wood, Garapa wood, Bankirai wood and Camaru wood.
  • 8 millimeters: Wide hardwood parts from 19 centimeters
  • 10 millimeters: Larch wood, Red Class, impregnated wood, and all other softwoods.

Buying Decking Screws Online

Wovar, with its right mix of high quality and attractive prices for stainless steel decking screws, is the brand for you. Take advantage of our volume discount and order at least 5 boxes of decking screws. Companies receive an extra discount by means of a personal discount code.

Create a free account here and discover our friendly prices for high-quality Stainless Steel 410 Deck Screws in 5 x 40 mm, 5 x 50 mm, 5 x 60 mm, 5 x 70 mm, and 5 x 80 mm. These decking screws have a Torx Head for extra grip and a cutting type 17 auger point, which can absorb the seasonal dimensional changes in the wood. We also provide other decking supplies such as adjustable pedestals and landscape fabric at Wovar.

For hardwoods such as Oak, Garapa hardwood, Kapur, and Red Cedar, always choose our coated screws for Oak and Garapa hardwood. These are specially protected against extreme tannic acids.

Do you live on the coast or are you going to build decking around a swimming pool? Then view our stainless steel A4 screws. These are resistant to air with high salt or acid contents.

Do you want to anchor wood in stone? Then take a look at our hammer plugs or frame plugs! Are you also thinking of building a roof? Do not forget to also order construction lag screws!