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Wovar Decking screws

Use these Wovar decking screws of stainless steel 410 quality when installing your decking! A deck is an investment in itself. Therefore, never cut corners when it comes to mounting screws. The screws with which you mount your decking will have a hard time. Wood works as the weather changes. Galvanized screws are strong enough to mount your deck but will oxidize over time. Normal stainless steel screws of A2 or C1 quality do not oxidize but are much softer than galvanized screws. You will notice that these screws break off continuously or cannot handle the action of the wood. Wovar is your online screw shop for stainless steel hardwood screws. These screws are suitable for hardwood decking boards and mounting of other hardwood boards. In addition to our stainless steel decking screws, see our galvanized garden screws with Torx drive! Delivery throughout Europe between 2 and 5 business days.

Attributes of Wovar decking screws

The high-quality Wovar decking screws are made of stainless steel 410 quality. These screws do not oxidize and are just as strong as galvanized screws. The special heat treatment makes the decking screws extra resilient. Wovar decking screws are also known as decking screws and decking screws in Belgium. The screws have an extra deep torx 25 drive, which ensures that your tool does not slip while screwing in the screw. Naturally, Wovar supplies this bit for free with every box of patio screws. The countersunk head has milling ribs at the bottom. This secures the screw into the wood, which provides a nice finish. Planning to install planed decking boards? Then use the Wovar countersink drill bit 4 mm for a beautiful countersink of our decking screws.

The correct length of decking screws

Because the decking screws are wired partially, your decking boards are pulled tight against your joists. The handy cutting point ensures that you do not have to pre-drill with soft woods. Do you install hardwood decking boards? Then pre-drill. Use our 3.5 mm hardwood drill bits for this. You choose the correct length of decking screws by multiplying the thickness of your decking board by 2. Are you installing decking boards with a thickness of 25 mm? Then choose our (25 x 2 = 50 mm) 5 x 50 mm decking screws.

Buy decking screws online

Do you want to build a professional wooden platform? Wovar is the brand with the right mix of high quality and attractive prices for stainless steel decking screws. Take advantage of our volume discount and order at least 5 boxes of decking screws. Companies receive an extra discount by means of a personal discount code. Become a business customer? Create a free account here and discover our friendly prices for high quality decking screws of stainless steel 410 quality in 5 x 40 mm, 5 x 50 mm, 5 x 60 mm, 5 x 70 mm and 5 x 80 mm. These decking screws have a Torx head for extra grip, cutting point and absorb the effect of wood. We also provide other decking supplies such as adjustable deck supports and anti-root cloth at Wovar.

For hardwoods such as oak, Garapa hardwood, Kapur and Red Cedar, you can't go wrong with our stainless steel screws for Oak and Garapa hardwood. These are specially protected against extreme tannic acids.