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Pronged T-Nuts

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Pronged T-Nuts

Looking for pronged T-nuts? With the pronged T-nuts from Wovar it is possible to fix bolts or threaded ends in wood. An pronged T-nut has barbs, which clamp securely in wood when it is hammered or tightened. At the top of the pronged T-nut there is a flange, this ensures that the pronged T-nut cannot be pulled through the wood and remains firmly against the wood when tightened. After fixing it is possible to screw a bolt or threaded rod into the wood.

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An pronged T-nut has several different advantages. Thanks to the barbs, a weft nut will not turn when attaching, for example, a lock bolt or threaded end. In addition, pronged T-nuts ensure a sleek finish, because they are completely drawn into the wood.

Install the pronged T-nut

When attaching an pronged T-nut, first drill a hole in the wood. The size of this hole depends on the thickness of the pronged T-nut and is often slightly wider than the diameter of the pronged T-nut. See the specific information for the relevant pronged T-nut. After predrilling, push the pronged T-nut into the pre-drilled hole and hammer it in with a hammer so that it is firmly seated in the wood. Now it is possible to place a bolt or threaded rod in the wood.

Wovart supplies pronged T-nuts M6, pronged T-nuts M8 and pronged T-nuts M10 in galvanised steel.

The size of pronged T-nut also determines what size bolt or threaded rod you need. For example, are you using an M8 pronged T-nut? Then also use an M8 lock bolt or M8 threaded rod.