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Looking for high-quality maintenance products? Find your cleaning products, paint brushes, duct tape, glazing sealant, and much more at Wovar.


Wovar supplies top-quality high tack sealant, stone glue, EPDM adhesive, and more. With the Wovar's adhesives, you can secure and seal almost everything, both indoors and outdoors. Use our strong stone glue for gluing various kinds of stones or choose our EPDM adhesive for bonding all types of EPDM. Are you looking for a universal adhesive sealant? Our high tack sealant can be used on all the most common materials, such as stone, hard plastics, aluminium, and metal.

Most of our sealants can be ordered per 290 ml. You do need a caulking gun for this. Companies in the construction and landscaping industry receive additional benefits with a business account.