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Self-Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws are, as the name suggests, self-tapping screws. They are available in stainless steel and galvanised steel and are also known as sheet metal screws. Wovar supplies stainless steel and galvanised self-tapping screws with a countersunk head or with a spherical head (also known as a cylinder head). Additionally, Wovar also supplies black self-tapping screws. Some self-tapping screws have a self-drilling point. These do not need to be pre-drilled. Self-tappers without a drill point need to be pre-drilled. Self-tapping screws and metal screws are very suitable for metal profiles or steel frames. You can easily screw wood onto metal with these screws.

With self-tapping screws with a drill point, also called a self-drilling screw, it can be easy to drill a small hole in the metal so that the drill point does not shift. This prevents damage. Discover the high quality and attractive prices of Wovar self-tapping screws. Wovar Hardware supplies premium brand self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws for wood/metal connections, and more wood and metal screws for all kinds of projects. Choose from Stainless Steel, Galvanised, Torx, Phillips Head, Hex Head, and Black Self Tapping Screws. Choose from a flat head (flat head) or spherical head (round head). 

Self-Tapping Screws as Roof Tile Screws

Are you looking for high-quality metal self-tapping screws? Choose from the popular sizes of 25 and 32-mm lengths. Wovar supplies self-tapping screws with crosshead and Torx drive. In addition to the difference in Torx or crosshead, there are also self-tapping screws with a sealing ring and without a sealing ring. The self-tapping screws with EPDM ring have a hexagonal head. These are widely used to assemble roof tile sheets. The rings ensure that the screw holes do not allow water to pass through. These screws are also called sheet metal screws or tile sheet screws. These screws with drill points are also suitable for mounting wood to steel. Think, for example, of mounting shelves on a steel frame or door. 

How Thick Should I Pre-Drill Self-Tapping Screws?

Self-tapping screws or sheet metal screws are widely used in metal or aluminum. It is important that the correct drill size is selected when installing self-tapping screws. If you drill too wide, the screw will not grip the metal. If you use a drill that is too small, the screw will break. A self tapper cuts its own thread into the drilled hole.

Do I also Need to Pre-Drill Self-Tapping screws with a drill point?

Some self-tapping screws have a drill point. You do not always have to pre-drill these so-called self-tapping screws with a drill point. This depends on the thickness of the steel. The product page often describes how many mm of steel thickness the self-drilling self-tapping screws are suitable for. If you work with thicker steel, we recommend pre-drilling. 

Tip: with smooth metal, pre-drill very lightly to get the "first" grip. Are you going to screw wooden planks to metal frames to make a custom garden door, for example? Then make sure to pre-drill the hardwood or softwood with a little more space. In this way, the wood can lose its effect and you will not have problems with snapping screws or curved planks. Never turn the self-tapping screws too far, the screw will lose its grip.

Buy Self-Tapping Screws online

Buy your self-tapping screws made of hardened or stainless steel now at Wovar. Choose whether you prefer to work with Torx, cross-head, or hexagonal drive. Do you often need self-tapping screws, bolts, or other hardware? Companies from the Handyman, garden, and construction industry benefit from extra benefits such as extra discounts with a business account.

In addition to our self-tapping screws, also see our Stainless Steel 410 Garden Screws with cutting point for wood-to-wood connections.

Drilling table for self-tapping sheet metal screws

Below we have made a table where you can easily read how thick you should pre-drill self-tapping screws. The choice of drill thickness depends on the thickness of the self-tapping sheet metal screw and the thickness of the material. In addition, a distinction is also made between steel and aluminium. View our metal drill bits to order the right drill bits.