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Wovar Door and Window Hardware

Door handles and Door Handles on Plates

Are you looking for a door handle for your garden door, interior door, or front door? Wovar offers door handles on plates and rosettes in many different shapes and sizes. This way, we always supply a door handle that suits you best. When buying a door handle, the fasteners are included. You must purchase the lock yourself if you have not already done so. Are you looking for a door handle for the bathroom? Then check out all our privacy door handles and knobs.

For straight handles, pay particular attention to the backset spacing of your lock. This is not necessary for door fittings with a rosette. The backset spacing indicates the distance between the hole the stud has to pass through to connect your door handles and the hole of the cylinder. 

Door stops

Are you looking for sturdy door stops or door buffers to prevent damage to your inner or outer door? Wovar offers a broad range of doorstops for indoor and outdoor use. Think of rubber door stoppers in different sizes and colors. Our doorstops in black are very popular. In addition to rubber door buffers, we also offer luxury door stops made of stainless steel. These are available in different models, both for fixed mounting (screwed) and free-standing models that hold doors with their weight.

Sliding door systems

Sliding door systems are very popular and convenient. You simply have more free space in your home because there is no longer any need to open a patio door into a room. You can find beautiful industrial sliding rail systems where the door hangs loosely on a rail as well as sliding door systems to make your own wardrobe. With our popular wardrobe sliding door systems you can easily create extra storage space under a sloping wall, for example. An alternative to closed knee bulkheads so you can keep your attic, bedroom, or utility room tidy. 

Furniture fixings

We have an extensive range of furniture fixings, among which: table legscupboard handlesdrawer knobs, leather handles, and furniture legs. Whether you are working on restoring your furniture or are ready for a completely new style, a few small changes to your furniture can make a big difference. For example, shell handles will give your drawers and cupboards a vintage look.

Draught excluders

Do you have a problem with draught in your house? Does it get cold quickly or do you feel a slight breeze in your neck when you are sitting on the sofa? This probably means air can come in past your doors or windows. With the extensive range of draught exclusion products at Wovar you can easily solve this problem. Wovar offers high-quality draught excluders - both strips and self-adhesive bands - and threshold seals made specifically for doors and windows, and even for your mailbox.

Whether you are looking for something for your interior doors, exterior doors, front door, or sliding doors, Wovar's draught excluders will make sure that draught becomes a thing of the past. Especially popular are the self-adhesive draught excluders and the threshold seals for under the front door.