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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Swing Hooks

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Swing Hooks

Swing hooks are very strong hooks, suitable for hanging swings. The name, swing hooks, comes from its most common application; hanging swings. Of course, these hooks can also be used for various other (garden) accessories. You can also easily hang a porch swing, planter, or punching bag with these hooks. The advantage of these swing hooks is that you can easily remove the accessories when they are no longer in use. This way, you retain all the space for other activities, or you ensure that your accessories remain in top condition. 

Types of Swing Hooks

Wovar's swing hooks are available in various shapes and sizes. There is a curling hook, a curling hook with a safety clip, but also the traditional bolt for putting through a beam, and a hook with screw thread.

Wovar swing hooks have a screw thread, but no drive to screw them in. For this reason, we recommend that you order a fresh hardwood drill for the installation of all swing hooks. This way you can get started with your swing or other (garden) accessory without delay.

Swing Hook for Push-Through Mounting

The swing hook with bolt is very suitable when you want to mount the hook through the beam. You drill a hole through the entire beam, after which you can attach the hook. The hook is attached by tightening the supplied bolt at the end. Use a wrench for this, which you can find with our hand tools. To drill a hole through your joist, you can use one of our hardwood drill or metal drill bits

Curling Hook

The swing hook with curl is a swing hook with a screw thread for wood. This means that you insert it into the wood and fasten it by continuing to turn. The thread then tightens into the wood surface, locking the hook. If you find screwing in very heavy, you can use a hardwood drill or pliers. This will make screwing in a lot easier.

Curling Hook with Safety Clip

The swing hook with a safety clip is like a standard swing hook with curl, with the addition of the plastic safety clip. Normally, the curl of the pull is enough to ensure that the chain stays in the hook. If this is not the case, you can opt for the model with a safety clip. This clip blocks the exit of the hook, making it impossible for the chain or rope to slip out of the hook. 

Threaded Swing Hook

Finally, there is the threaded swing hook. This swing hook consists of a screw with an eye, to which a carabiner is attached. The one with screw thread also can be mounted just like the curling hook, by turning it into the wood surface. Here too, if this is difficult, you can pre-drill with a hardwood drill. The carabiner makes it very easy to click and release materials. This swing hook is very easy to use, with great security. The material that is clicked into the carabiners will never just pop loose. This model can therefore be seen as a kind of safety swing hook. 

If the right attachment is not listed here for your job, you can always look at our page with all our hooks and screw eyes.