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Leather Shelf Brackets

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Leather Shelf Brackets

Are you looking for shelf brackets with a unique and stylish character? The Wovar leather shelf brackets are made of 100% cowhide from Europe and are tanned in a sustainable way. Tanning the leather makes it more durable and therefore lasts longer.

The dimensions of our leather shelf brackets are 92 x 4 cm (lxw) and they are 2.5 mm thick. If you are looking for a different format, please do not hesitate to contact us. Furthermore, these unique shelf brackets are available in 5 different colours: black, grey, anthracite, cognac, and brown. A shelf with a leather strap fits into almost any type of decor!

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And are you also looking for matching furniture handles? In addition to leather shelf brackets, Wovar also supplies leather handles. These handles combined with leather shelf brackets create a beautiful whole, all in the same style. Take, for example, leather shelf brackets and handles in the same leather colour as your relaxing armchair or sofa!

The leather shelf brackets are 92 cm long, 4 cm wide, and 2.5 mm thick. They are suitable for shelves up to 25 cm wide, 3 cm thick and have a maximum load capacity of 30 kg and come in 5 different colours. These are black, gray, anthracite, cognac, and brown.

Additionally, the shelf brackets are provided with two mounting holes and are supplied without mounting hardware. We recommend using M6 x 50 mm tap bolts for mounting. These can also be combined with a cover for a neat finish. You will find the cover cap in the zinc plated tap bolts category.

Installing Leather Shelf Brackets

The leather shelf brackets are easy to assemble. First, you determine the position of the shelf brackets. You can then mark the screw hole with a pencil. Is your wall made of hardwood? Then pre-drill the holes with a 4 mm hardwood drill bit, about 30 mm deep. Are you attaching the shelf bracket to a stone wall? Then use our nylon plugs 8 x 40 mm. Pre-drill the plugs into the stone with a 6mm hammer drill, approximately 50mm deep. Finally, when both shelf brackets are hanging on the wall, slide the shelf between them

Ordering Leather Shelf Brackets

Order the leather shelf brackets from Wovar today for a competitive price. And do you have a construction or Handyman company, or are you a Landscape artist? Then sign up for a business account and enjoy additional benefits.

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