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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Flat Head Nails

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe

Flat Head Nails

With flat head nails, you can install your facade cladding in no time. At Wovar you can choose from a high-quality stainless steel A4 range. There is also a 'grey' version and a black one. It just depends on which one you think best suits your facade color. You order the nails per 500 grams and the lengths of the nails vary from 35 to 50 mm. Immediately order a recoil-free hammer with nylon caps to attach the nails and start mounting immediately! A recoil-free hammer does not damage the stainless steel layer.

Flat head ring nails consist of a pin with rings. These rings have the advantage that the nail is very well secured. After mounting, the ring will therefore no longer come loose, for example, due to the action of the wood. With ring nails, you are therefore assured of a very strong and reliable assembly. Do you prefer nails with a round head? In our range of round head nails, you will also find ring nails for fastening facade cladding.

In addition to round head nails, you can now also contact Wovar for flat head nails. The head of these nails is nicely flat and therefore hardly protrudes after attachment. This makes the confirmation look tight as a whole. These flat head nails are also provided with rings, which ensure a reliable attachment. A ringed shank will never come loose, so that your facade cladding, for example, remains in place for as long as you want. As you can see in our range, there are also flat head ring nails with a black head. This way you can choose which ring nail best suits your project.

A4 Stainless Steel

Both types of ring nails are made of stainless steel A4, which means that they are very well protected against rust. Stainless steel A4 also protects the nail against salt and chlorine. The advantage of this is that there are no rust spots on the mounting locations. In the case of the black-headed ring nail, there will be no black spots. This way you can be sure that your assembly work will always look nice and spotless. Tip, prevent damage to the function of the stainless steel by using a non-recoil hammer with nylon caps when mounting. You can order such a hammer directly from our range of hand tools. You will also find many more handy tools there!

Wood Wall Cladding

Ring nails are ideal when installing wooden siding. The rings ensure a very good attachment. After fastening, the grooves are filled with wood, so that the nail can hardly ever come loose. We would like to give you a number of tips for installing wooden planks as facade cladding:

  1. It is important that a ring nail is 2.5 x longer than the thickness of the plank you are using. For example, is the shelf 16 mm thick? Then use ring nails of at least 40 mm long.
  2. Also pay close attention to the width of the plank. It is usual to fix wood widths up to 90 mm with 1 nail in the middle. If the plank is wider than 90 mm, mount the plank with 2 nails one above the other. 
  3. Always take the action of the wood into account. Wood can expand and contract due to temperature differences and moisture. Therefore, never mount too tightly and thus prevent possible splitting of the wood.

Do you prefer to use round head nails instead of flat head nails? View our extensive range of round head nails.

Buying Flat Head Nails

Buy your flat head nails now at an affordable price at Wovar! This way you can be sure that your facade cladding will be mounted securely and you will prevent rust spots. Companies in the construction Handyman sector and landscape gardeners benefit from many advantages with a business account.

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