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Cap Nuts

Are you looking for cap nuts? Search no further. Wovar supplies a wide range of cap nuts in stainless steel, galvanized and in black. Cap nuts provide a clean finish to bolt ends. Cap nuts black are available in sizes M6 and M8. The sizes for cap nuts stainless steel and galvanized steel range from M4 to M20. Cap nuts black can be ordered per 10 pieces. For the stainless steel and galvanized cap nuts, the quantities differ per size.

Cap nuts provide your work with a clean finish and protect you against sharp edges of the bolt. This significantly decreases the change of something getting hooked on the bolt or someone injuring themselves. Essentially, cap nuts are hex nuts that are closed on one side. 

Cap nuts Black

Black cap nuts are incredibly popular in combination with our black coach bolts. The cap nuts provide a clean finish, for example, when you install black gate hinges and want to cover the protruding bolt ends. Black cap nuts are available in M6 and M8 per 10 pieces. Cap nuts with a black coating are made of galvanized steel, followed by a black HCP-coating. This coating not only provides a beautiful black shine, but also protects the cap nuts against rust. 

Cap Nuts Galvanized

Galvanized cap nuts are widely used for the beautiful finishing of galvanized coach bolts. For example, do you mount our galvanized hinges with carriage bolts? Then these cap nuts help with a clean finish. Galvanized steel is very strong. The only drawback is that these can oxidize after damage to the zinc layer. If you want to be sure that this does not happen, order stainless steel cap nuts. These do not rust.

Cap Nuts Stainless Steel

Are you looking for cap nuts that do not oxidize? The stainless steel cap nuts from Wovar do not rust. This cap nut is made of A2 stainless steel and is often used for stainless steel coach bolts. You order the M4 to M14 cap nuts stainless steel per box. The M16 and M20 cap nuts stainless steel are offered per 10 pieces.

Order cap nuts at Wovar for the lowest price. Are cap nuts not quite what you are looking for? View our entire range of nuts and washers.