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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Plasterboard Fixings

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Plasterboard Fixings

Are you looking for wall plugs for your plasterboard? Then check out these plasterboard fixings. These plugs ensure that you can firmly drive screws into the plasterboard. Plasterboard is an easy way to quickly create an indoor wall or partition. A regular wall plug is usually less suitable for plasterboard. This is due to the grainy structure of the plaster on the inside of the panels. A normal plug expands to anchor itself in the material. However, this method is not suitable for plasterboard. The material crumbles easily and moves with the plug. Plasterboard fixings anchor themselves in the plasterboard with the wide thread on the outside. In addition, the plug expands slightly to stay in place. However, most of the power is in the threads. 

Do you need different fasteners for your plasterboard? Take a look at our plasterboard screws.

The plasterboard panels are relatively lightweight and easy to install. The advantage of plasterboard compared to MDF panels is that plasterboard has a fire-resistant effect. In addition, the boards have a sound-proofing effect. However, plasterboard is only easy to use when you use the right fasteners. Therefore, also combine these plasterboard fixings with plasterboard screws. These screws have a fine thread, perfect for fastening plasterboard to wood. The large trumpet head results in a high clamp force. Wovar's plasterboard screws are available loose, in boxes, and collated, on strips.