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Storm Anchors

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Storm Anchors

Are you going to build a house, roof, or shed? In some cases it is wise to add extra storm protection. You can use storm anchors for this. A storm anchor, also known as a wind-up anchor, or anchor peg, provides extra structural support. This ensures that your construction remains motionless, even in strong winds. Storms and strong winds are no longer a concern for your house or roof. You screw the storm anchor to the beams of your roof and to the wall. This ensures an extra strong connection of your roof with the rest of the construction. The storm anchors are similar to pull anchors and hook anchors, where they have a 90 degree turn halfway through the anchor. In this way you ensure a connection on the side of a beam with a load-bearing wall that is perpendicular to the beam.

To make your storm anchor work as well as possible, make sure you have strong fasteners. Wovar has various options in its range for this. For example: garden screws, chipboard screws, carriage bolts, wood threaded bolts or construction lag screws. With these screws, your storm protection is solid!

Choose high quality storm anchors. Provide extra protection against storms and high winds with a storm anchor. Wovar storm anchors are made of galvanised steel, which makes the storm protection extremely strong.

Fastening your Storm Anchor

The mounting of winding storm anchors is relatively simple. It is easiest to do this when building your roof covering. If your construction is already standing and you want to reinforce it afterwards, this is also possible, but it is more difficult to conceal the anchors nicely. A storm anchor has a sheet metal with screw holes, a 90 degree bend and then more screw holes. This is followed by a right-angled corner with additional screw holes. The part with the right angle can be screwed onto the top of the beam, the sheet metal underneath against the beam. Then you screw the part to the wall or post after the bend, after which you have realized anchoring. The traditional storm anchors have screw holes of 4 and 9 millimeters. You can choose whether you use thick bolts or galvanised screws. You can use the storm anchor for pitched roofs, but also the storm anchors for flat roofs.

Wind-up Anchors

These storm anchors can also be used in other places than just a roof or canopy. You can also use the storm anchors as layer beam wind-up anchors to ensure a reinforcement of your beams, so that the entire construction strength increases. For example, you can reinforce large walls by placing beams and attaching them extra firmly to the wall.

Buying Storm Anchors

Order your storm anchors from Wovar, for Premium Quality at competitive prices. We have a business account for our business customers. This makes construction and Handyman companies eligible for additional benefits.

Is this storm anchor not what you were looking for? Wovar has a wide range of beam brackets and corner brackets, which may suit your job better. Here you will find, for example, our popular joist hangers. You can also use our pergola brackets for a pergola or roof.