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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Tilt and Turn Window Handles

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Tilt and Turn Window Handles

These window handles are made specifically for tilt and turn windows. It is easy to replace these kinds of window handles. You will only need a screwdriver. We offer window handles in different shapes and sizes. These are available in a simple grey and stylish black colour. You can also choose between a regular window handle and one with a built-in lock. 

For more variations, browse our window handles and locks or have a look at our entire range of window fittings.

The popular trend at the moment is to have black door and window hardware. By using the same colour, you create unity and calm in a room. More and more products are available in black. Also our window handles for tilt and turn windows are offered in black, next to a simple aluminium grey. 

Replacing window handles for tilt and turn windows

Replacing the handles on your tilt and turn windows is a job you can easily do yourself. An important factor in this is that the distance between the screws is the same on all the tilt and turn windows. This distance is always 43 mm so your new window handles are guaranteed to fit on your windows. When replacing these window handles, you only need a screwdriver. This is because you will not have to access the internal mechanism. Just turn the cover plate of the handle 90 degrees and you will find the screws. Take out the screws and you will be able to take off the handle.

To install the new handle, just do the same in reverse. Pay attention to the position of the handle when you do this. Make sure it is in the same position as the old handle was when you took it off. Usually, the handle will be horizontal for easy access to the screws. 

Order window handles for tilt and turn windows

Because of the universal centre distance of 43 mm, you new handles will always fit on the window. On top of that, it does not matter what material the frame is made out of. The handles can be used on plastic as well as wooden frames. 

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