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Chipboard Screws

Do you want to buy affordable chipboard screws of good quality? Premium-brand Wovar supplies all sizes of chipboard screws made of galvanised steel and Stainless Steel 410 quality. Choose the very strong Torx or Pozidrive (star-shaped head) galvanised chipboard screws. Chipboard screws with Torx impression are generally used more in the professional sector. This is because these screws are slightly stronger and have more grip on your machine. The chipboard screw is usually for indoor use, such as when screwing wooden boards, chamfered parts, and scrap metal. Such partial thread screws are also used for mounting wood to wood structures. Our galvanised full-thread screws are ideal for mounting metal.

Chipboard screws are suitable for an infinite number of applications, like screwing down sheet material or for carpentry with scaffolding planks. It is not for no reason that such Wovar screws are also called the universal screw. Outside, use our stainless steel 410 chipboard screws. Stainless steel 410 steel ensures that the screws do not oxidise and are just as strong as galvanised screws. Also, view our special page with scaffolding wood screws.

Stainless Steel 410 Chipboard Screws

Screws of stainless steel A2 or C1 quality can often break during screwing in. This does not happen with our chipboard screws Stainless Steel 410 quality. Always use our stainless steel 410 screws when working with hardwood. Hardwood contains tannic acid. Over time, tannic acid attacks galvanised screws. This will not happen if you use our stainless steel 410 chipboard screws. Also, pre-drill when working with hardwood. This is easy with our hardwood drill bit. Use a 3 mm thick hardwood drill bit if you choose 4 mm thick chipboard screws and a 3.5 mm thick hardwood drill bit if you work with 5 mm thick chipboard screws. Pre-drilling is not necessary when working with softwoods. Thanks to the handy cutting type 17 auger point on the Wovar Stainless Steel 410 and galvanised chipboard screws, the screws cut effortlessly through the wood.

The Wovar Stainless Steel 410 chipboard screws have a Torx drive. Torx drive (TX) is extremely popular with professionals such as construction workers and carpenters. Torx drive is a star-shaped cut with 6 endpoints. The chipboard screws from Wovar have an extra deep Torx impression. Thanks to the 6 ends and the extra deep Torx cut, your tools will not slip when you screw in the chipboard screws. The countersunk head with milling ribs at the bottom ensures a nice countersink in the wood. When screws are nicely countersunk into wood, a beautiful finish is created. 

Galvanised Torx Drive Chipboard Screws

The chipboard screws made of galvanised steel are, just like the stainless steel 410 screws from Wovar, very strong. The big difference is that these screws can oxidise when the zinc layer is damaged. Therefore, be extra careful when installing galvanised chipboard screws outdoors. You minimise the chance of damage by using our high-quality Torx bits. These high-quality bits ensure that your machine does not slip and therefore reduce the risk of damage. For extra comfort and more efficient working, Wovar recommends magnetic bit holders. These ensure that the chipboard screws adhere even better inside the bits. Choose our stainless steel 410 chipboard screws when working with hardwood. Hardwood contains tannic acid. This affects galvanised screws causing them to lose their strength.

Galvanised Pozidrive Chipboard Screws

The chipboard screws with Pozi drive are very popular among private individuals and home handymen. A Pozi drive is a cross-shaped incision in which the standard crosshead is provided with an extra cross. To drive in the screws it is necessary to order a PZ-bit. The Pozi bits from Wovar have a perfect fit on Wovar chipboard screws with Pozi drive. With the high-quality PZ bits from Wovar, your machine has more grip when driving screws. However, our chipboard screws with Torx drive are recommended for professional use. These have even more grip than our Pozi drive chipboard screws. The Pozi drive chipboard screws have a special wax layer. This layer ensures less screw-in resistance. This allows you to mount more screws per battery charge. Discover the convenience of ordering screws for underlayment, OSB, and other panel material online via Wovar.

Buying your Chipboard Screws online

Choose quality and order the galvanised or stainless steel chipboard screws from Wovar. The screws are packed in boxes of 100 and 200 pieces. Thanks to the Torx head you have extra grip. They are also available with cross-head. Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account

In addition to such partial thread screws for wood, we also have full thread screws for metal for sale.

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