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Hose Pipes

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Hose Pipes

Hose pipes, also referred to as garden hoses, are used for moving water over great distances and are indispensable in every garden and every household. Use a hose to water your plants or grass, fill a swimming pool on hot summer days, or connect the hose pipe to a pressure washer and clean your patio. Wovar garden hoses are made of top-quality materials.

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Types of hose pipes

Wovar offers a wide range of hose pipes in different shapes and sizes: from 15 m to 100 m long, and from 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter. 1/2 inch is a diameter of approximately 15.5 mm on the outside and 13 mm on the inside. A 3/4 inch hose is 19 mm on the inside and 21.5 mm on the outside. We also sell the corresponding hose connector to connect your hose pipe to an outdoor tap, a garden sprinkler, or another hose pipe.

Wovar's hose pipes

All our hose pipes are high-quality and have several distinguishing features. Wovar's hose pipes can be used at a maximum temperature of +50 and a minimum temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. Our hose pipes are also UV-resistant and you will not get algae on the inside of the garden hose. Our yellow garden hoses are also equipped with anti-kink, which prevents sharp bends that block the water, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

Flexible hose pipes

When using our hose pipes, the hose will not rotate and the strong reinforcement also prevents you from experiencing kinks in the hose. Our garden hoses have perfect rigidity; sturdy enough to withstand kinks and twists, yet flexible enough to be easy to handle and comfortable to use. 

Buying a hose pipe

Buy top-quality hose pipes today. In addition to products for watering your garden, Wovar also offers garden tools for the maintenance of your gardens, such as rakes, hoes, and garden trowels.

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