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Anti-Climb Strips

Do you want to prevent uninvited guests in your garden? Then use the Wovar anti-climb strips. Our anti-climb strips come in different shapes and sizes. Along with our anti-climb strips made of galvanized steel for mounting on top of a fence or wall, you will also find anti-climbing strips for mounting on the side of your fence or wall. The anti-climb strips have sharp points, making it impossible to climb over the fence. Additionally, you will also find pigeon pegs in galvanized steel and stainless steel. With this, you keep pigeons and other birds off your fence or wall. We also offer anti-climb brackets for mounting around your downspout.

For mounting, simply order matching chipboard screws and plugs.

Order your anti-climb strip directly from stock at Wovar. Order now, delivered in 2 - 5 business days throughout Europe and beyond. We also deliver iron points to deter thieves all around.

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With us, you will find different types of anti-climbing protection. Choose one of the types of anti-climb strips if you want to prevent unwanted guests from climbing over your fence. Or do you not want intruders or thieves to climb on the roof? Then choose the anti-climb downspout, which you can easily place around your downspout and make it difficult for intruders to get up through the downspout.

Attaching Anti-Climb Strip

All Wovar anti-climb strips have different mounting holes so that they are easy to attach. An anti-climb strip can be attached to both wood and concrete. If you are attaching the anti-climbing strip to wood, place a screw directly into the wood and tighten it. Do you fix it in hardwood? Don't forget to pre-drill first.

For fixing in stone or concrete, use our nylon plugs 6 x 30 mm, for example. To do this, drill a 6 mm thick hole with our 6 x 110 mm hammer drill. After you have drilled the hole, place the plug inside the stone or concrete and simply screw in the anti-climb strip with our 4 mm thick galvanized chipboard screws.

Galvanized and Stainless Steel Pigeon Pins

Use our pigeon pins to prevent nuisance from pigeons and other birds. The pigeon pegs are available in galvanized steel and stainless steel. These are also easy to assemble due to the handy mounting holes and, just like the anti-climb strips, you can easily place them in both wood and stone.

Ordering Anti-Climb Strips and Protection

Order your anti-climb strip or pigeon pins for a competitive price at Wovar. In addition, take advantage of a volume discount when purchasing larger quantities. Do you have a landscaping or Handyman business? Then sign up for a business account. This allows you to make use of additional benefits, including a fixed discount.

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