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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Are you looking for a certain type of tape? At Wovar you will find many different types of tape for every job. For example, you can find a number of different duct tapes here. These are available in different colors and sizes. You can also find different types of EPDM tape. This is used to mount siding to houses, sheds, or canopies. You can also find different types of painter's tape for painting and double-sided tape for different purposes. Finally, Wovar also has a wide range of different insulating tapes. 

Duct Tape

In fact, everyone should always have duct tape in their home. Duct tape is super strong, simple, and therefore ideal for, for example, quick repairs and sticking different objects and materials. It therefore never hurts to order a roll!


EPDM tape is the ideal tape to mount facade cladding to your home, shed, or roof. The function of this tape is to protect the wooden substructure of your facade cladding against moisture so that the cladding will not rot. 

Insulation Tape

Insulation tape is used to safely finish and tape electrical wires. In this category, you will also find self-curing tape. This is used to seal pipes and garden hoses, for example.

Double-sided Tape

Wovar has different types of double-sided tape in its range, each of which has its own function. You can find here, for example, carpet tape, but also universal double-sided tape and foam tape. 

Masking Tape

With the masking tapes, you will find several types of tape, which are extremely suitable for masking and repairing different materials. For example, the transparent tape is widely used to repair windows and tarpaulins, while masking tape is perfect for masking a water pipe. 

Buying your Tape

At Wovar you can find the right tape for every job. From painter's tape for painting to EPDM tape to mount facade cladding to your home. Order your tape quickly for a super competitive price! Are you a business customer and do you work in, for example, the painting or handyman industry? Then quickly create a business account. This allows you to benefit from many attractive advantages. For example, you will receive a 15% discount on your orders, your own contact person, and the option of urgent delivery. 

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