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Dust Masks

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Dust Masks

Look for a good dust mask? Then you are in the right place. Whether you need an FFP1, FFP2, or FFP3 mask, you can find them here. Dust masks are essential when you are, for example, grinding or sanding. The lowest classification is FFP1. FFP1 masks have a maximum permeability of 6% of dust particles. The highest rating is FFP3, with a maximum of 1%.

When you are sawing, grinding, or sanding, it is important to think about your health and of the health of other people. To keep your airways clean, having the right protection is essential. One of the most used forms of protection is a dust mask. For example, when you are sanding a piece of wood, don a dust mask with a classification of at least FFP2 in addition to using the correct sandpaper. This mask will keep your lungs free of the fine dust particles that sanding produces.

Which dust mask do I need for glass wool?

When you are going to insulate a room using glass wool or rock wool, a face mask is an indispensable piece of equipment. We recommend using a mask with at least FFP2 classification when working with glass wool, rock wool, or similar insulation. This mask prevents you from breathing in the harmful particles, allowing you to work safely. In addition to a dust mask, it is also recommended to don work gloves and safety glasses. You can find this safety gear and more personal protective equipment in our PPE category.

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