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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Bird Spikes

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Bird Spikes

Bird spikes, also called pigeon spikes, are a simple solution to prevent disturbance by pigeons and other birds. Birds do not just make noise, they can also saddle you with unwanted costs for cleaning and upkeep. Installing bird spikes in certain places ensures that birds cannot land there anymore. 

Also looking for other anti-climb spikes? Check out our anti-climb brackets and anti-climb strips.

Installing bird spikes

Bird spikes are usually installed in an alcove, on the edge of a roof, or on top of a fence. Wovar's bird spikes come with mounting holes every 5 cm. Use our 4 mm chipboard screws for attaching the bird spikes to both wood and concrete.

Stainless steel bird spikes

Wovar offers two types of bird spikes: bird spikes with plastic strip and stainless steel spikes, and completely stainless steel bird spikes. Both of these come with mounting holes, so you can easily attach them to your stone wall or wooden fence.

Ordering bird spikes

Keep unwanted birds away from your property with Wovar's anti-climb spikes. Do you have a landscaping or construction company? Then sign up for a business account.