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Wovar Hinge Hooks and Hinges

Would you like to hang a garden door on galvanized hinges? Or do you want to make a yard gate with black-painted strap hinges? Wovar has a wide range of modern and rustic hinges and hooks for sale. Choose from galvanized, stainless steel, or black powder-coated, and from straight, cranked, or offset. Hinges are sometimes also called strap hinges. You can easily mount Wovar strap hinges with carriage bolts or coach screws. Order your modern and elegant door hinges and hinge hooks from Wovar, and your delivery is assured in no more than 2-5 business days throughout Europe!

Choose from galvanized gray hinges with large offset, straight, or cranked. Or discover our modern range in black strap hinges and hinge hooks. All the strap hinges that we offer fall under our garden hardware line, and are therefore suitable for outdoor use. These hinges all have a high-quality protective layer. As a result, the hinges and hardware are well protected against corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Strap Hinges for 16 mm Hooks are the Most Sold

The hinges for 16 mm thick hinge hooks (our most sold) all have 1 square mounting hole and a number of round mounting holes. The round mounting holes have a diameter of 8.3 mm. This makes our M8 carriage bolts and M8 coach screws suitable for mounting the hinges. carriage bolts have a square section under the semicircular head. This square section fits comfortably into the square mounting hole of the hinges for D16 hinge hooks.

10 mm Light Hinges

Our hinges for 10 mm hinge hooks do not have a square hole. The round mounting holes are also smaller. You can easily attach these hinges with our 4 mm thick garden screws.

Roughly speaking, Wovar supplies 3 different types of hinges. These are straight hinges, hinges with large offset, and cranked hinges with a crimp. To make the right choice for which hinge is right for you, we will list the differences for you.

Flat Strap Hinges

Wovar supplies flat strap hinges in blue galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and black passivated steel. Straight straps allow your door to fall just slightly outside your door frame. The hinges come on the same side as the hooks. With straight hinges, the door hinging direction is always on the same side as the hinge hook. Your door or gate falls slightly outside the door frame because the bolt of the hinge hook protrudes approximately 20 mm.

Cranked Hinges

Cranked Hinges are your best choice when your door should fit exactly inside the door frame. If you place an offset hinge in combination with a hinge hook on a table, the hinge will lie completely straight on the table; so does your door remain flush with the back of your hinge hook. This is because hinges drop inwards by 20 mm with an offset. As a result, your door or garden gate falls exactly into your door frame. These offset hinges are also the most popular.

Wovar supplies offset hinges in galvanized steel, black with tip and black with rustic tip. The hinge hooks are on the same side as the hinges. As with flat hinges, the direction of rotation is on the same side as where the hinges are attached.

Offset Hinges

Wovar supplies offset hinges in two different types. Namely galvanized in blue and black passivated with a rustic tip. The rustic tip creates a beautiful farmhouse look. The bend of these hinges makes it possible to mount the hinge hooks at the back of the post. This prevents gusts of wind from passing through your door. By using a hinge with a bend, your door will fall 4cm inward. The holes have a diameter of 8mm. This makes our M8 carriage bolts suitable for mounting the hinges.

How do I Mount Hinges to my Door or Gate?

Mounting the hinges is quite easy. It is indicated per hinge how many mounting holes it has. Use M8 carriage bolts or coach screws to attach hinges. It is important that each mounting hole has a carriage bolt or lag bolt. There is 1 square mounting hole in each hinge. This is intended for a carriage bolt M8. The square part under the semicircular head of the Wovar carriage bolts fits exactly in here. To fix the other holes you can also choose to use M8 coach screws. When using coach screws, you should pre-drill with a 6mm thick hardwood drill. Note: Do not drill all the way through the door when mounting the hinges with coach screws. When mounting hinges with carriage bolts, drill completely through the door. For this, you use a hardwood drill of 9mm. Look for our carriage bolts and threaded bolts on the bolts page. 

Hinges for Shutters

Wovar supplies hinges for window shutters and multiple light door uses, such as cupboard doors. These black hinges are narrower and suitable for black hinge hooks of 10 mm. Light hinges are only available in the flat model. In terms of strap ends, you can choose hinges with a tight point, rustic point, or crescent. In addition to the hinges for shutters, Wovar also supplies shutter holders and black shutter latches in various sizes.


The big difference between T-Hinges and strap hinges is that T-Hinges consist of one complete whole. With strap hinges, it is necessary to order hinge hooks separately. This is not necessary with T-Hinges. The hinge plate becomes a metal plate with a cross plate. Tee Hinges are suitable for light doors and gates. Unlike strap hinges, T-hinges are often mounted with chipboard screws. Wovar supplies Tee Hinges in many different shapes and sizes. For example, choose our blue galvanized T-hinges for a modern look. Or create a rustic feel and choose our black T-hinges.

Stainless Steel Strap Hinges

Stainless Steel hinges are also available from Wovar. These strap hinges are made of stainless steel, which means they will not rust. Because they are made of stainless steel, we recommend wiping the rods twice a year with a damp cloth. This way the material stays good for a long time. The stainless steel rods are available in hinge with point and hinge with square holes and half-moon. Also, deliverable with accompanying stainless steel hinge hooks, and stainless steel adjustable tee hinges.

Ordering Hinges

Order matching hinge hooks, carriage bolts, screws, and coach screws together with your strap hinges. Contractors, Handyman companies in construction and landscaping, receive extra benefits at Wovar, such as extra discounts with a business account.

Use our high-quality post bases to place your fence or garden gate. Are you also looking for hinges for your interior door? Then also view our ball hinges, folding hinges, piano hinges, or black hinges.