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Gate Hinges

Do you want to hang a garden gate with galvanised or stainless steel hinges? Or maybe you want to make a wicket gate with black hinges? We provide a wide range of modern and rustic hinges and hinge hooks. Choose between galvanised steel and stainless steel, black and steel-coloured, straight and cranked. These gate hinges are also called hook and band hinges and consist of a strap hinge that needs to be combined with a hinge hook. You can fasten the hinges with carriage bolts or coach screws for a strong connection. 

We offer straight, cranked, and offset hinges. They are available in different styles, colours, and materials. All of our gate hinges are suitable for outdoor use, as they have been covered with a high-quality protective layer. This layer protects the hinge from corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

Hinges for hinge hooks 16 mm

Our bestselling hinges are strap hinges for 16 mm hinge hooks. These hinges are equipped with 1 square mounting hole and several more round mounting holes. The round holes have a diameter of 8.3 mm, making them perfectly suited for our M8 carriage bolts and coach screws. Carriage bolts have a square part underneath the head that fits exactly in the square mounting hole of the strap hinges.

The hinges we sell for 10 mm hinge hooks do not have a square mounting hole. Added to that, the round mounting holes are smaller. You can mount these hinges with 4 mm garden screws

Straight hinges

Wovar offers straight hinges in blue galvanised, hot-dip galvanised, and black passivated steel. With straight hinges, your gate will not be completely flush with the door frame. This is because the hook of the hinge hook extends approximately 2 cm from the frame. The hinges are attached on the same side as the hinge hooks. The direction of rotation of a gate with straight hinges is always to the side of the hinge hooks.

Cranked hinges

Cranked Hinges are your best choice when your door should fit exactly inside the door frame. If you place a cranked hinge with a hinge hook on a table, the hinge will appear flat. This shows your gate will remain flush with the back of your hinge hook. This is because cranked hinges drop inwards by 2 cm. As a result, your door or garden gate falls exactly into your door frame. For this reason, cranked hinges are also the most popular gate hinges.

Wovar supplies cranked hinges in galvanised steel, black with tip and black with rustic tip. The hinge hooks are on the same side as the hinges. As with straight hinges, the direction of rotation is on the same side as where the hinges are attached.

Offset hinges

Wovar offers two different types of offset hinges: blue galvanised hinges and black passivated hinges with a rustic tip. The latter has a beautiful, rustic appearance. The large bend in these hinges enables you to mount the hinge hooks on the other side of the frame. This means the hinges on the door and the hinge hooks on the frame are usually not on the same side. Offset hinges have a bend of 4 cm and mounting holes with a diameter of 8 mm. M8 carriage bolts are a great choice for fastening these hinges.

How do I mount hinges to my door or gate?

Mounting the hinges is quite easy. The number of mounting holes is indicated per hinge. Use M8 carriage bolts or coach screws to fasten the hinges. It is important that each mounting hole is used. Each hinge contains 1 square mounting hole, intended for a carriage bolt M8. The square part under the head of the carriage bolts fits exactly in the square hole. For the remaining mounting holes, you can also opt for M8 coach screws. When using coach screws, you should drill a pilot hole with a 6 mm thick hardwood drill bit.

Note: Do not drill all the way through the door when mounting the hinges with coach screws. However, when mounting hinges with carriage bolts, you do drill all the way through. Use a hardwood drill bit 9 mm for this. Look for our carriage bolts and coach screws on the bolts page. 

Hinges for shutters

Wovar also supplies hinges for window shutters and other smaller doors, such as cupboard doors. These black hinges are narrower and fit our 10 mm hinge hooks. The small, light-duty hinges are only available in the straight variant. You can choose from hinges with a modern tip, rustic tip, or crescent tip. In addition to the hinges for shutters, Wovar also offers shutter holders and black shutter latches in various sizes.


The big difference between T-hinges and strap hinges is that T-hinges are one entity. While you order strap hinges and hinge hooks separately, this is not necessary with T-hinges. The T-hinge equivalent of a hinge hook is a metal plate. Tee Hinges are suitable for light doors and gates. Unlike hook and band hinges, T-hinges are often mounted using chipboard screws. Wovar offers T-hinges in various shapes and sizes. For example, opt for our blue galvanised T-hinges for a modern look, or create a rustic appearance with our black T-hinges.

Stainless steel strap hinges

Stainless steel hinges are also available at Wovar. These strap hinges are made of stainless steel, which means they will not rust. We recommend wiping stainless steel hinges twice a year with a damp cloth. This extends the lifespan of the hinges. These gate hinges are available with point, with square holes, and with a crescent tip. We also offer matching stainless steel hinge hooks and adjustable hinge hooks. 

Ordering gate hinges

Order matching hinge hooks, carriage bolts, screws, and coach screws together with your strap hinges. Businesses in the construction and landscaping sector receive additional benefits at Wovar, such as a business discount, with a business account.

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