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Wooden Stakes

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Wooden Stakes

Are you going to make a wooden construction and need a solid foundation? With wooden stakes, you can build a solid foundation for, for example, a deck. Of course, you can also use these wooden stakes as fence posts as well as for many other purposes. Our wooden stakes are available in various sizes. Which wooden stake is most suitable for your job depends on, among other things, the location and the load. If you are going to put a heavy load on the posts, it is wise to choose a thick, hardwood stake. A regular 6 x 6 cm stake is usually sufficient. We recommend using stakes with length of at least 1 meter, so that your post is below the frost line. It is important to opt for picket posts that are durable (class 1 hardwood) to prevent wood rot.

Thickness of wooden stakes

Wooden stakes come in various thicknesses. We offer stakes with a size of 4 x 4 cm and 6 x 6 cm. The short 4 x 4 cm stakes are also known as stake-out posts and are only suitable for very light structures. We recommend 6 x 6 stakes for most projects.

Placing wooden stakes

Placing wooden stakes is relatively easy. You can approach the job in several ways. The easiest and most obvious way is to use a post hole auger. With a post hole auger, you create a hole by driving the hand auger into the ground. Are you dealing with a tough surface or are you going to install a large number of wooden stakes? Then it is also an option to have a petrol auger or an electric auger do the work. 

Wooden stakes for deck

One of the best options for creating a foundation for a new deck is one with wooden stakes. Making a decking on posts has many advantages. Think of good ventilation of the ground under the decking. You also do not have to raise your garden with soil or sand, because you use the length of the picket post.

Please note, always mount your lower beam along the side of your stakes and not on the stakes. Use galvanized carriage bolts, these are the strongest. 

If you work with an M8 thick carriage bolt, choose a 9 mm drill bit. With an M10 drill bit, select an 11 mm hardwood drill bit

Spacing of wooden stakes

To make a sturdy deck or other structure, it is important to place sufficient wooden stakes. Depending on the load of your decking or structure, it is advisable to insert a post at least every 40 cm in width and length under your construction. You can stake this out in advance with a string, and measure with the help of a spirit level or tape measure. The stakes can be inserted after digging using a fencing maul. Hitting the wooden stakes gives just that bit of extra strength. In order to not break the head, drill 90% of the hole with the auger. You can of course also opt for concrete. You then install the stake in quick-drying concrete, which provides solid anchoring after curing. However, adding cement is often not necessary.

Hardwood stakes

There are several options when choosing wooden stakes. Are you going for impregnated wood or hardwood? Hardwood stakes have some advantages over impregnated stakes. Both types of wooden stakes will remain in the ground for a long time without showing wood rot (provided the wood is of high quality). We prefer hardwood because it is much sturdier and stronger. Impregnated wood, including impregnated pine, tends to be a lot softer. This affects the load-bearing capacity and construction strength. 

After you have placed your wood fence pickets, it is wise to lay down weed membrane. This prevents weeds from growing between your decking boards.