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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Cutting Discs

Wovar is the place to be for buying angle grinder discs and other cutting wheels. Whether you are looking for diamond cutting discs or metal cutting discs, we’ve got you covered.

Which cutting disc for which purpose?

Selecting the right cutting disc for the job is crucial for a safe and successful project. Below, we explain for what kind of purposes you can use our cutting discs.

  • Metal cutting discs
    A metal cutting disc is used for cutting metal and stainless steel. Examples are metal pipes, such as scaffolding tubes, copper pipes, or radiator pipes. They are used with angle grinders, and are also suitable for cutting sheet metal and aluminium profiles.
  • Diamond cutting discs
    Diamond cutting discs are used for cutting stone and concrete. Examples are pavers and concrete edging, as well as bricks and other masonry work. A diamond cutting disc is always segmented, with the exception of the blades for cutting tile, which have a continuous diamond edge. 

Cutting disc stone

For cutting stone or concrete, you require a diamond cutting disc. We sell diamond cutting discs in various sizes. We offer smaller diamond cutting discs for angle grinders, ranging from 115 mm to 230 mm. You can also find blades for larger machines, such as disc cutters, with a diameter of 300 mm, 350 mm, and 400 mm. Which cutting disc is best for your project is determined by the power tool you are using and the material you want to cut. The size of the blade you need is typically indicated on the tool.

Cutting disc metal

To safely use a metal cutting disc, keep the following things in mind. These cutting discs have an expiration date. To guarantee your safety and the proper working of the cutting disc, we advise against using the cutting disc after this date. Next to that, it is best not to work with (lightly) damaged discs or cutting wheels that are or have been wet, as these discs might shatter while you are working. Inspect the cutting disc before you start cutting, to ensure that it is safe to do so.

Buy cutting discs

Order your angle grinder discs or blades for disc cutters today at Wovar. Business owners in the construction or landscaping industry can sign up for a business account to receive additional benefits. It is important to work safely when you are using power tools. If you are still missing safety gear, have a look at our collection of PPE