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Wovar offers different kinds of axes for different purposes. To get fire wood, you will have to split wood into smaller blocks. This is the perfect job for the splitting maul. You can also opt for a smaller axe that is lighter and easier to carry around. In that case, choose one of our hatchets. Finally, there is the classic felling axe, perfect for felling trees and cutting against the grain. All, of course, made with high-quality materials.


For tasks like cutting kindling, branches, or rope, a hatchet is the tool you want. Hatchets are compact and are relatively light, creating a comfortable and convenient tool. We offer a classical hatchet with wooden handle, as well as a hatchet with fiberglass handle. The advantage of the latter is that the handle is stronger and has a longer lifespan. 

Hatchets are similar to hand axes, but they are not the same. A hand axe is bigger than a hatchet and is shaped differently.

Splitting mauls

A splitting maul is used for splitting logs. This tool is perfect for turning a big log into smaller pieces of wood. Splitting mauls have a heavy head, allowing you to exert a lot of force on the wood. This is even more amplified by the long handle, which creates a long lever.

Splitting mauls are often confused with splitting axes. However, a splitting axe is slightly smaller than a splitting maul, and the head of a splitting axe is a lot lighter than the head of a splitting maul.

Felling axes

A felling axe is, as the name suggests, used to fell trees. Felling axes are incredibly sharp, because they are used for heavy-duty work. The size and weight of the axe are between that of the hatchet and splitting maul. Felling axes are not made to split wood, it is better to use a splitting maul for this. 

A felling axe and splitting axe are alike, but there are a few important differences. For example, the bit (cutting edge) of a splitting axe is less sharp than that of a felling axe. Added to that, splitting axes are designed for cutting with the grain of the wood, while a felling axe is used for cutting across the grain.

Ordering a new axe

Order your new axe for a competitive price today. Whether you are felling trees or cutting kindling, Wovar offers something for every job. Wovar has also got you covered when you are looking for garden tools for other kinds of jobs. Think for example of gardening gloves, garden hoes, or shovels.

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