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The points of attachment of a shade sail can be on a wall as well as a pole. Use a wedge anchor on a stone or concrete wall and an eye plate for a wooden wall or pole. The shade sails have metal rings on every corner that you use to fasten the sail. Once you have a point of attachment, you can use a carabiner, turnbuckle, and stainless steel chain to secure the shade sail. With a carabiner, it is easy to hook and unhook the sail. With a turnbuckle, it is easier to tighten the sail. If the sail does not quite fit the space, you can use a stainless steel chain to bridge the remaining distance to the wall.

When buying shade sails, it is better to get one that is too small than one that is too large because a large shade sail is harder to put up. When measuring the required size, keep in mind that there will be a space between the sail and the point of attachment. You can bridge this gap with carabiners, turnbuckles, and stainless steel chains. Usually, this is around 40 cm on each side. So, eamsure the space where you want to put up the shade sail and subtract 40 cm from the length and width. That is your ideal shade sail size. 

At Wovar, you can choose from many colours, sizes, and shapes. For example, we sell waterproof shade sails made of polyester as well as water-permeable sails made of high-quality HDPE (high density polyethylene), and luxurious harmonica sails. On top of that, you will find all necessary fasteners on our website. 

A shade sail has many advantages over a parasol. You can leave a shade sail up all summer because it can cope much better with rain and wind compared to a parasol, that you have to put away every time. Additionally, you will not stumble over the base of a shade sail because it does not have one. Finally, a shade sail adds a unique and modern look to your garden.

Shade sails from Wovar offer a great protection against the sun. Putting up the sail is simple and can be done anywhere in the garden. Our shadow sails are affordable, especially when you compare the price to a fixed cover like a pavilion or pergola. Added to that, our shade sails do not take up a lot of space on the ground. Shade sails can be waterproof and also have no problem with wind. During the winter, you can just fold it and put it away on a shelf. 

It is definitely possible to leave a shade sail up all year long. However, we do recommend taking it away when the weather gets worse, especially with waterproof shade sails. You risk shortening the longevity of the shade sail if you leave it up with freezing temperatures or autumn storms. Fortunately, it is simple to detach the sail. Within minutes you can detach it, fold it, and take it inside until sun comes out again.

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Wovar Shade Sails

Are you looking for shade? With a shade sail from Wovar, you can create a wonderful place in the shade in no time. Shade sails are also referred to as garden sails or sun shades. A shade sail has many advantages over a parasol. You can easily mount a shade sail, and it is possible to leave it up for a longer period of time. Placing a garden sail is possible anywhere because you can easily attach it to a wooden or stone wall, post, or roof. You can use shade sails as a canopy, patio screen, sunscreen, or complete patio cover above a pergola.

All shapes and sizes of shade sail

You can put up a shade sail in a myriad of places. This is because you can easily attach the canvas to a wooden or stone wall, post, or roof. Even in places where there is no attachment point, you can easily place a wooden post in the ground.

We offer waterproof shade sails and water permeable shade sails as triangles, squares, and rectangles. To save you time and effort, we put all the required fasteners in the category shade sail hardware. Would you like to place a shade cloth on top of your pergola? View our complete range of harmonica shades.

Triangular shade sails are available with sides of 4, 5, and 6 meters. Prefer a square sun shade? Then choose from our 4, 5, and 6 meter shade sails. You will find rectangular shade sails in the sizes 3 x 4, 3 x 5, and 4 x 5 meters. All of our shade sails are available in the colours grey and beige.

Regular HDPE shade sails

The regular Wovar shade sails consist of high-quality 320gr/m2 HDPE, also known as high-density polyethylene. The knotted, water-permeable shade sails contain a special UV inhibitor, which offers protection against approximately 90-95% of the sun's rays. The material is very strong and hardly absorbs water. This ensures that a shade sail almost always remains free of rot and mould.

Another great advantage of these water-permeable, HDPE shade sails is that they allow air to pass through. This means the heat and humidity do not remain under the sun shades, and that the sails are very suitable for use in windy places, like coastal towns or roof terraces. Because air can pass through the garden sail, the fabric is less likely to be torn by the wind.

Waterproof shade sails

Waterproof shade sails have several advantages: they protect against the sun and are waterproof. This means that you can sit outside at any time. Is there a heavy shower on a summer evening? Then you will still be dry. When installing waterproof shade sails, keep in mind that the garden sail should be installed with a 30° angle. This ensures that the water can flow away. The combination of the angle of the shade cloth and the Teflon layer causes water to run off quickly and easily.

Besides the fact that these shade sails are waterproof, they provide excellent protection against the sun. Waterproof shade cloths block 90 to 95% of UV-radiation. 

Accessories for mounting a shade sail

In addition to various shade sails, Wovar also offers the fasteners necessary to put up the sail. Every shade sail has an attachment ring or eyelet: the place where the sail can be connected to an attachment point. For more fastening material, take a look at our page with shade sail hardware.

If you want to know more about how to put up a shade sail, check out our blog, where we explain it in detail.

Advantages of Wovar shade sails

Shade sails have many advantages, like:

  • Good sun protection;
  • Durable due to the high quality of the material (320gr/m2);
  • Installing a sun shade is simple and can be done anywhere;
  • Affordable, especially if you compare it with a fixed canopy;
  • Takes up little space on the ground (compared to, for example, a parasol base);
  • You can also order a waterproof shade sail, so you can remain dry during a rain shower;
  • Can withstand wind force well. Tip: please disassemble the shade sail in case of a heavy storm. This can be done quickly and prevents any damage to your shade sail;
  • Easy to remove in the winter.

Can I leave a shade sail hanging all year round?

Because a standard shade sail is so maintenance-free and weather-resistant, it is even possible to leave it up all year round. However, we still recommend taking the fabric inside in extreme weather, such as snow, frost, heavy rainfall, or storms. The canvas is easy to remove, and you can have it inside within a few minutes.

With a waterproof shade sail, however, please keep in mind that these are made of polyester, which is a lot more sensitive than HDPE. For this reason, we recommend storing waterproof sunshades inside when you are not using them. This ensures the longest possible lifespan of the shade sail.

Ordering your shade sails

Order your beautiful, new shade sail, so you can enjoy the cool shade this summer. Do you own a business in the construction or landscaping industry? Wovar's business clients benefit from additional advantages, such as a business discount, with a free business account.

When putting up your shade sails, use our chains, carabiners, and turnbuckles.

Do you still need a point of attachment on your wall? Check out our eye bolts and masonry drill bits. Still need to place a post in your garden to create a point of attachment? Take a look at our post hole augers, post bases, and pointed post anchors. Or browse our entire category of post holders.