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Door Knobs

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Door Knobs

Are you looking for a door knob for your front door or rotatable doorknobs for interior doors? Wovar offers a broad range of door knobs for all kinds of doors and styles. All our door knobs are of great quality and have been beautifully designed. You can choose from several colours, shapes, and materials as well as between door knobs for interior and exterior doors. Think for example of a square, modern door knob for your front door or a wooden door knob for your interior doors.

The difference between rotatable and fixed door knobs

You can choose between fixed and rotatable door knobs. Rotatable door knobs allow you to operate a mortice lock. A rotatable door knob can only be used for interior doors. On our website, you can immediately see whether you can rotate a door knob or not.

Fixed door knobs cannot operate mortice locks and serve more as a grip on your door that makes it easy to pull the door closed. However, they still add to the character of the door. The lock on these doors is usually a cylinder lock with a rosette.

Popular door knobs

At the moment, the popular trend is black door hardware. However, when it comes to front doors, it is still common to decide on a stainless steel knob. These knobs are elegant, and the stainless steel protects against corrosion, making it ideal for exterior doors. For those who want the durability of stainless steel as well as the black door knobs, Wovar also offers black, stainless steel door knobs.

Installing a rotatable door knob

Installing a rotatable door knob is a job you can easily do yourself. After installing the mortice lock, you simply insert the spindle of the door knob through the hole in the door and the lock. You then secure the knob to the handle, and you will be able to open and close the door by turning the door knob. Many of our door knobs include the spindle or other necessary fasteners. Whether these pieces are included is always mentioned in the text on the product page. 

Installing a fixed door knob

When, previously, there was no door knob on your door, determine where on the door you want your new door knob. The common height for knobs is 100 to 110 cm. Next, drill a hole in the door. The drill bit you will need to do this depends on the way the door knob is installed. We distinguish between two types: Through mounting and Blind mounting. 

Through mounting is when you drill a hole all the way through. The hole has usually got a size of 8 to 10, depending on the type of door knob. Through the hole, you insert the bolt for the door knob. With blind mounting, the door knob includes a mounting plate or backplate. You first attach this plate to the door, commonly with 4 mm screws, after pre-drilling the holes with a 2.5 mm hardwood drill bit. You secure the door knob on top of this backplate, rendering all the screws invisible.

Ordering door knobs

Black, steel, round, or square, find the door knob for your door at Wovar. Next to door knobs, you can also find door stops, drawer knobs, and cupboard handles on our website.

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