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Wovar Post screws Galvanized

Do you want to anchor your fence posts firmly in post holders with a point or post holders on a flat base? With this special post screw you can attach wooden posts extremely well to post holders. The post screws from Wovar are made of galvanized steel and available in thicknesses 8 and 10 mm. The lengths vary from 40 to 50 mm. This makes them very strong. Thanks to the extra wide head of no less than 22 mm, the screw has an enormous load-bearing capacity and a high clamping range. This creates an extraordinarily high pulling force.

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The combination of properties is what makes this post screw so brilliant. The torx 40 impression makes it possible to screw the screw into the wood extremely quickly. The razor-sharp cutting tip ensures that pre-drilling in soft woods is not necessary and the coarse screw thread makes the screw turn very quickly in the wood.

How do I use the post screw?

When you use softwood and your post holder has a round mounting hole of 9 or 11 mm, screwing in these post screws is very easy. You place the post in the post holder and screw the screws. When you use hardwood and the steel that you want to mount on wood does not have a mounting hole, a little more steps are required.

Namely, you should always pre-drill when using hardwood. For 8 mm thick post-holder screws use a 6.0 mm thick hardwood drill and 10.0 mm thick post-holder screws use an 8 mm thick hardwood drill. It is very important when drilling through steel that you make sure that the screw is easy to pass through the mounting hole. This prevents damage to the screw as well as to the steel to be attached. In most cases this will be a post holder or a pergola connector.

To pre-drill the steel, always choose a metal drill bit that is 1 mm thicker than the post-holder screw. So for post screws 8 mm, choose a 9 mm thick metal drill. And for the 10 mm thick post-holder screw, take an 11 mm thick metal drill.

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