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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Tap Bolts

Wovar's strong tap bolts have a hexagonal head. This is why our tap bolts are also called hexagon bolts. Wovar supplies bolts complete with nut and washer in galvanised steel and stainless steel. This is very useful because you will need it when connecting and attaching parts. The quality grade of these bolts is 8.8. This provides an enormous carrying capacity. The hexagonal head makes it possible to tighten the tap bolts very tightly. Under the hexagon head, it is flat. Tap bolts M8 are tightened with wrench size 13 and M10 tap bolts with wrench size 17.

Mounting Tap Bolts

Tap bolts are easy to install. This applies to both wood and metal. Tap bolts are especially used for the latter. Tap bolts are extremely popular for securely connecting steel structures. To install the bolts, it is important to find a suitable mounting hole first. Is there no screw hole available yet? Then you can make it yourself. For this, you can choose from our wide range of drills, like our metal drills or hardwood drills. The width of the screw hole should be equal to the width of the bolt. For an M8 tap bolt, you, therefore, use an 8 mm wide mounting hole.

Buying Tap Bolts

Buy your bolts at the lowest prices from Wovar. In addition to that, you enjoy the convenience of having our bolts are supplied with a nut and washer. Wovar has a business account for business customers. This makes various companies in the construction, Handyman, and garden industry eligible for additional benefits.

Are our tap bolts not suitable for your job? In addition to the hexagon bolt, Wovar also has a wide range of coach screws and carriage bolts.