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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Pergola Corner Brackets 20 x 20 cmPergola BracketsAnchors and Brackets


Pergola Corner Brackets 20 x 20 cm

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Pergola Corner Brackets 20 x 20 cm

These unique pergola brackets allow you to build a pergola with 20 x 20 cm beams and posts. The brackets themselves measure 19 x 19 cm, so it is also possible to use them for building with 19 x 19 cm posts and beams. We offer several variants, including a post base and wall connectors. When you order a bracket, you will also receive the corresponding fasteners, such as screws, bolts, and cover caps. This way, you can get started as soon as your order arrives.

Are these brackets too big for what you had in mind? No problem, we also offer pergola brackets for smaller beams and posts. Browse all our pergola brackets to find the size you need.

Want to add a shade sail to your new pergola? Order one at the same time as the pergola brackets. Browse our harmonica shades, which have been specifically designed for pergolas, or explore our wide range of shade sails.

In our range of 20 x 20 cm brackets, you will find floor brackets, wall brackets, corner brackets, and extension brackets. The corner brackets connect two or three different beams to a post. These pergola brackets are open brackets. This means they will cover two sides of the beam or post.

Building a pergola

Below, we briefly explain the steps on how to make your own pergola with our pergola brackets. 

  1. Arrange the beams in a square or rectangle on the ground.
  2. Place the pergola brackets on each of the corners. Make sure there is a part of the bracket with mounting holes on both beams.
  3. Fasten the pergola brackets with the supplied coach screws, washers, and cover caps. Remember to drill a pilot hole with a 6 mm hardwood drill bit for the coach screws.
  4. Add the posts one by one and place the pergola in the desired position. Ask some other people for help with this step, as it will involve heavy lifting.
  5. To strengthen the pergola, you can add braces. If you decide to do this, make sure the posts are completely level before adding the brace. 
  6. Anchor the pergola to the ground with the floor brackets. The surface can be made of both concrete and wood. Remember to use nylon plugs for concrete surfaces.

Wall-mounted pergola

You can also decide to attach the pergola to the side of your house, in which case you will only require 2 posts. We offer special wall brackets and differentiate between right and left brackets. Like the other brackets, they are open brackets, so 2 sides of the beam will be visible. Make sure to mount the wall brackets on the inside of the pergola, just like the corner brackets. Use a masonry drill bit 12 x 160 mm to drill a hole in the wall. The required fasteners are included.

Wooden pergola

Pergolas can be made with both hardwood and impregnated softwood. We recommend using the same wood for the entire pergola. This ensures the beams and posts have the same colour. For the most durable and long-lasting pergola, opt for hardwood. Impregnated softwood, often pinewood, is less durable than hardwood. However, it tends to be cheaper and will still result in a sturdy pergola.

Harmonica shades

Complete your new pergola with accessories, such as harmonica shades or one of our other shade sails. If you want to decorate your pergola, with hanging baskets for example, browse our hooks and eyes. A pergola is also a great place to plant some climbers. We offer a host of other anchors and brackets as well, including post holders