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Pergola Corner Brackets 20 x 20 cm

Pergola corner brackets for posts of 20 x 20 cm are available exclusively at Wovar! These corner brackets make it possible to build a pergola yourself with 20 x 20 cm beams and posts. The pergola connectors have a net size of 190 x 190 mm, making it possible to work with both 19 x 19 cm posts and 20 x 20 cm posts. Choose from 20 x 20 cm corner joints, wall elements, floor elements, and extensions. The brackets are supplied with mounting materials, including screws, bolts, cover caps and, if necessary, suitable plugs. This way you can get started with assembly immediately after delivery!

In addition to brackets for 20 x 20 cm posts, we also supply pergola brackets for other sizes of beams. Contact us right now for our 12 x12 cm or 15 x 15 cm pergola corner brackets.

Do you wish to install a shade sail directly in your pergola? You can also count on Wovar for these as well! Take a look at our beautiful range of luxurious harmonica shade sails.

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In our range of pergola brackets you will find various types, including floor pieces, wall brackets and coupling pieces. All types can be used for 1 vertical upright and the difference lies in the number of appropriate horizontal beams. For example, you can choose from a 2,3 or 4-way corner element for beams of 20 x 20 cm.

Make a Pergola

Below we briefly explain the steps on how to make your own pergola. 

1. First lay out the ring beams on the floor.
2. Connect the 4 beams using the pergola corner brackets.
3. Lay the corner bracket on each corner, aligning the screw holes on both beams.
4. Attach the corner brackets with the supplied wood threaded bolts and nylon washers, finishing with the black cover caps. Do not forget to pre-drill the wood first with a 6 mm hardwood drill.
5. Assemble the uprights to the corner brackets one by one, and put the pergola in place.
6. To make the pergola sturdier, you can install slanted brackets. Make sure that the uprights are leveled under the ring beams.
7. Finally, install the floor brackets to secure the pergola to the ground. This can be done on both a wooden and a concrete surface. Do not forget to use plugs on a concrete surface.

Pergola at Home

You can, of course, also mount a pergola on a wall. In that case, you only need 2 uprights. For mounting in a wall, we have special pergola wall mounts for both the left and the right sides. These elements are also supplied including mounting materials. The wall elements also have 1 open side. Make sure they are on the inside of the pergola. This way the pergola looks nice and sleek from the outside. Pre-drill your wall with a 12 x 160 mm hammer drill to a depth of approximately 7 cm. Mount the element securely and do not forget to use the supplied nylon plugs.

Pergola Wood

Pergolas can be made with both hardwood and impregnated softwood. We recommend that you always choose one type of wood for the entire pergola. This way, the pergola has a uniform color and therefore looks a lot prettier. Are you going for sustainability, and want to ensure a long life for your pergola? Then it is best to choose hardwood. Impregnated coniferous wood is less durable than hardwood. Using hardwood, of course, will also improve the sturdiness of the pergola.

Pergola Cloth

Do you want to complete your pergola? Simply contact Wovar for all your accessories! We sell a wide variety of shade sails that you can order with the necessary mounting materials, such as carabiners or snap hooks, directly! In addition to pergola hardware, Wovar also sells post holders.