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Fence Panel Brackets

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Fence Panel Brackets

With the Wovar fence panel brackets, you can easily hang garden screens on wooden posts. For a firm attachment, use at least 4 panel brackets per garden screen. If you live in a place where it is often windy, we recommend 6 panel brackets. The brackets to hang fence screens from Wovar come in different colors and sizes. We also have fence panel brackets in different materials.

Wovar also has the perfect solution for strong fasteners. Wovar has various options in its range for this. For example garden screws, chipboard screws, carriage bolts, coach screws, or construction lag screws. With these screws your storm protection is solid!

Buying your Fence Panel Brackets

Order your Wovar Fence Panel Brackets, for premium quality at competitive prices. We have a business account for our business customers. This makes construction and handyman companies eligible for additional benefits.

Are you not looking for Fence Panel Brackets? Wovar has a wide range of Metal Brackets for Wood Beams, with a connection that may suit your job better. Here you will find, for example, our popular joist hangers. You can also use our pergola brackets for a pergola or roof.