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Post Anchors

Post Anchors

Are you planning to install a fence, carport, or pergola? With these strong post anchors, you can anchor heavy building structures in your garden without any problems. Thanks to their shape, the post anchors are among the strongest of our post holders and piers. U-anchors and H-anchors from Wovar are available for posts ranging in size from 7 x 7 cm to 14 x 14 cm. The anchors are made of hot-dip galvanised steel. This type of steel is incredibly strong and more resistant to rust than, for example, regular galvanised steel.

The difference between H-anchors and U-anchors is in the shape. The H-anchors have an H-shape and the U-anchors have the shape of a U. You use U-anchors to attach posts to stone, concrete, or wood. With H-anchors, you anchor the posts directly in wet concrete. In short, on a solid surface, you should always use U-anchors.

Placing H-post holders and U-post holders does not have to be complicated. However, it is important that this is done correctly. There is a difference in the mounting of H-anchors and U-anchors.

Installing H-anchors

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Before placing H-post holders, dig a hole in the ground. We recommend anchoring this post holder with quick-drying cement. This ensures that your post can no longer move. After approximately 30 minutes, rapid setting cement has hardened and you can place your posts. For lighter constructions such as car canopies, you could also use our post-fixer to fill the post hole with the H-anchor inside.

We recommend placing a paver on the bottom after digging the hole. This will ensure that the foundation does not sink. When placing the H post holder, make sure that your post floats slightly above the ground, as shown in the photo on the right. This allows rainwater to slide completely off the post, and you reduce the risk of rotting wooden posts. After anchoring the post holder, place the post. Use tap bolts or carriage bolts for this. For each post holder, it is indicated which size fastener you need for firm anchoring. For H-anchors 91 mm you require, for example, construction lag screws, carriage bolts, or tap bolts of 8 x 120 mm.

Placing U-anchors

You do not need cement to install U-anchors. You mount these with screws and wall plugs. Each U-anchor has 4 mounting holes. These holes have a diameter of approximately 11 mm. Use our 10 mm thick construction lag screws to fasten the U-anchor. If you are going to attach it to stone or concrete, combine the lag screws with a nylon wall plug 14 x 70 mm. You do not need plugs for mounting on wood.

You can secure your post to the U-anchor with so-called post holder screws 10 mm thick. Depending on the post thickness, you choose the length. For 7 x 7 cm and 9 x 9 cm posts, use our 10 x 40 mm post holder screw. At 12 x 12 cm, we recommend using 10 x 50 mm. Remember to always pre-drill with an 8 mm thick hardwood drill bit.

Order U-anchors and H-anchors

Order the strong U-anchors or H-anchors from Wovar for a competitive price. Wovar delivers U and H post holders quickly from its own inventory. Construction companies, carpenters, and gardeners always benefit from the lowest price with a business account.

Are H-anchors or U-anchors not quite what you are looking for? We also supply flat post bases and pointed post anchors. Do you prefer adjustable post holders? Then view our adjustable elevated post bases.