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Wovar Garden Edging

Are you looking for Corten steel or plastic edging for your garden? Then you have come to the right place at Wovar. Corten steel is a durable product due to its special treatment and has that beautiful luxurious rusty color. Wovar also supplies more steel border edging, such as galvanized steel, and black powder-coated steel. You can also contact us for plastic border edging, in different colors. This way you can match the color nicely with your garden. Both corten steel and plastic border edging is flexible, so you can also provide winding garden paths and round-shaped flower beds with our border edging.

Flexible Garden Edging

Wovar's garden edging comes in different types: corten steel edging, black steel edging, galvanized steel edging, and plastic edging. You can easily slide the black, galvanized steel, and corten steel garden edging strips into each other using the easy sliding system. All of our border edging is flexible, so you can bend the border into all kinds of different shapes. The plastic garden edging comes in complete rolls of 10 meters in length, so you can easily customize your sections.

Corten Steel Garden Edging

Our most popular garden edging is the Corten Steel garden edging. These have a beautiful rust color, which provides a beautiful look in your garden. These corten steel edgings are available exclusively from us, in three different heights: 16, 24, and 40 cm high.

Our corten steel garden edging is offered per piece of 106 cm. You slide the edging together using the handy system. This way you can lay your own Corten steel border in any length. The borders are also flexible, making it possible to make curves and corners yourself. In addition to making raised borders, we also offer beautiful corten steel planters, made of the same material, to complete the look.

Our most popular edgings are our corten steel edging 06 x 16 x 0.15 cm (LxHxD), which are 16 cm high. Not only do these have a beautiful rust-shaped appearance, but they are also super affordable at Wovar! Placing our garden edging is very easy. Below we explain in detail how you do this.

Placing Garden Edging

How do I place edging myself? We have shown below in 5 simple steps how you can easily place our landscape edging in your garden. We'll use the (corten) steel border edging as an example.

  • Step 1: Determine where you will use the edging and calculate the number of meters you will need. Tip: You can also make right angles, by simply using a stone or a piece of wood when bending (see also the pictured instructions for use included with each product).
  • Step 2: Dig a trench in the ground where you want to apply the Corten steel edging. You can determine the depth yourself, but we recommend a depth of approximately 130 mm for a nice finish.
  • Step 3: Place the garden edging pieces in the slots and slide them together. Secure the garden edging together by bending the tabs.
  • Step 4: Drive the pegs into the ground using a rubber mallet. Use a spirit level to level the border edges. You can reinforce high border edges with hardwood 6 x 6 cm thick picket posts. With an angle grinder, you can shorten the border garden if desired.
  • Step 5: Fill the trench with gravel or soil, for example, depending on how you are using the garden edging. 

Corten Steel Edging Channels

Wovar garden edging gives your garden a unique, and well-kept appearance. For example, you can use the Corten Steel Edging Channels to put a final touch on your enclosed gravel, pebble, or flower bed spaces. The use of garden edging creates subtle differences in height in your garden, which creates a playful and spacious effect. In short, with the landscaping edging from Wovar you can give your garden a well-maintained, unique appearance, and it is also a sustainable choice!

Making Corten Steel Rust Faster

Your corten steel border may not be completely rusted upon arrival. It can take up to 6 weeks for the oxidation process to fully come into its own. You can use the tips below to make the corten steel garden edging rust faster upon arrival:

  • Degrease the corten steel with a cleaning agent, which will remove the wax layer from the corten steel.
  • Dissolve three large tablespoons of salt in 10 liters of warm water.
  • Pour the salt solution liberally over the Corten steel with a plant sprayer or watering can.
  • The corten steel will start to turn a beautiful orange within a few days. You can also use acid, like vinegar, instead of salt. 

Plastic Garden Edging

Wovar also supplies garden edgings made of plastic in three different colors: green, gray, and black. The plastic edge closures are 15 cm high, and 3 mm thick, and we deliver them on a complete roll of 10 meters. The lawn edgings are also flexible, allowing you to lay them in any position you want, so you can easily make curves or corners yourself. In addition, the edges are completely rot-resistant, resistant to shocks, and high-temperature changes. This makes the garden edging "durable" because it lasts a very long time.

You can easily place the plastic garden edging with the corresponding ground pegs. This provides extra sturdiness for the edging.

Steel Garden Edging

Another common type of garden edging is the steel garden edging. A steel edging can give just that look you are looking for. In addition to our corten steel garden edging, you will also find the steel edging in zinc plated and black colors. You will be done in one shot making your metal borders using the Corten steel edging, which easily slides into each other. Steel edging is very strong and will not be damaged quickly due to its beautiful coating.

Ordering your Garden Edging

Order garden edging made of corten steel, galvanized steel, black steel, or plastic at the lowest price at Wovar. Thanks to the handy inserts, mounting Wovar border edges is super easy. Take advantage of our high volume discount with an order of, for example, 20 pieces! Construction companies, gardeners, and Handyman companies receive extra benefits, such as more discounts, with a business account.

We also deliver corten steel garden borders throughout Europe within 1 working week. Choose from heights of 16, 22, and 40 cm.

Combine your border with one of our high-quality rain barrels! This way you complete the look of your garden, and at the same time, add a sustainable water source to your garden!