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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Anchors and Brackets

Are you looking for anchors and brackets? Then you have come to the right place. Wovar offers a broad range of anchors and brackets for all kinds of jobs. For example, when you want to build a canopy or pergola in your garden, you can opt for our pergola brackets or post holders. If you need to reinforce a structure, you can find post extension brackets, storm anchors, and mending plates on our website. On top of that, we provide professionals and amateurs alike with a wide variety of joist hangers. For maximum strength, combine our anchors and brackets with strong fasteners, like our galvanised coach screws or chipboard screws.

Pergola brackets

You can use pergola brackets to quickly and efficiently build a canopy, carport, pergola, or other structure. Choose between galvanised steel or black, and a T-connection or a corner bracket. Wovar offers pergola brackets for posts in the following sizes: 7 x 7 cm, 9 x 9 cm, 12 x 12 cm, 15 x 15 cm, and 20 x 20 cm.

You can find all sorts of pergola brackets at Wovar. For example, our popular 90 degrees corner brackets, which allow you to build a strong, square frame. Or our pergola corner bracket that connects two horizontal beams to a post. Effortlessly build a strong and beautiful pergola or other structure. Fasten the brackets with bolts, such as coach bolts or coach screws.

Post holders

Securing the posts for your new pergola to the ground can be done with post holders. Wovar offers post bases, which have a flat bottom. These post holders create a strong connection between the post and a concrete floor, patio stones and tiles, or deck. Make sure you use strong fasteners, like wafer head screws or coach screws

In addition to our popular post bases, we can also supply you with pointed post anchors. Pointed post anchors are used to anchor a post in the ground. Are you going to pour a concrete base or floor? Then you can also use our H and U-anchors. This creates an even stronger foundation for your posts. H-anchors always need to be secured in concrete or dug in. U-anchors can also be fastened to a concrete floor, just like post bases.

There is also a special type of post holder: the adjustable, elevated post base. These are sturdy post bases with an adjustable height. If you decide not to use a post holder and instead want to dig in your posts, there is a high chance of wood rot developing. To prevent this from happening, protect your posts with our postsaver protector sleeves.  

Metal brackets

To build a solid structure with wooden beams and posts, such as a shed, you will need sturdy connectors. The beams of the structure can be fastened using metal brackets in all shapes and sizes. A common item that is used for this purpose are joist hangers and beam brackets. For extra strength, choose our beam brackets with flange. Or opt for the variant without flange for more flexibility. You get a unique look and a perfect match with black beams with our black beam brackets.

When you want a high security level, go for our joist hangers. These have been tested extensively and earned a CE certification. They are different from our beam brackets, because joist hangers have wings to the sides.

Not a fan of visible connectors? Our invisible beam brackets are the perfect solution for a strong, concealed connection. Other options for strengthening a wooden structure include post extension brackets, storm anchors, and ridge beam support brackets. You can find all the necessary screws and bolts under ‘fasteners’.

Adjustable pedestals

The terrain around a house is not always suitable for a patio, deck, or garden tiles. In those cases, you can use adjustable pedestals. Attach the beams for your deck to our deck supports, which make it incredibly easy to level your deck. For tile, our paving supports are the best option. Our adjustable pedestals are incredibly strong and will keep your deck or paving up for a long time.

Shelf brackets

Want a shelf on the wall to create more storage space or to showcase your books? To support the shelf, we offer various shelf brackets . When it comes to looks, our leather shelf brackets are at the top of the list. On the other hand, when the brackets mainly need to be functional and bear heavy loads, our heavy galvanised shelf brackets are number one.

If you are looking for flexible storage space, check out our wall shelving units. This shelving system is customisable and adjustable. You can select all the components you need to create your perfect shelving unit. Go for floating shelf brackets when you want the shelf supports to be invisible, and pick industrial shelf brackets or black metal shelf brackets for modern look. Added to that, we offer white metal shelf brackets, aluminium shelf brackets, folding shelf brackets