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Wovar Anchors and Brackets

Are you looking for anchors and brackets? Then you have come to the right place at Wovar! Wovar has many different anchors and brackets in its range, suitable for all your jobs. For a beautiful roof or pergola in your backyard, for example, you can choose our pergola brackets. These corner brackets are available for different sizes of posts, in both black and galvanized grey. Popular sizes for beams and our beam brackets are 7 x 7 cm, 9 x 9 cm, 12 x 12 cm, 15 x 15 cm and 20 x 20 cm.

Fastening a post to the ground, for your gazebo, for example, is done with the help of a post anchor. There are various possibilities here. From post-saver sleaves, embedding anchors, and concrete bases with column feet, to pointed post anchors and H-anchors. Wovar fixes your posts securely, time and again.

Use Wovar beam anchors, like our traditional beam brackets with or without flange, for a strong connection for your beams and posts. For an anchor with a CE Quality Seal that has been tested for load-bearing capacity, choose our coping anchors. Our hot-dip galvanized joist hangers have many screw holes so that you can screw them on firmly. A joist hanger is a beam anchor with screw-holed wings on the side. For your black beams or a contrasting effect, choose our black beam brackets. Prefer an invisible fastening of beams? Then choose our invisible beam anchors.

Your subsurface is not always going to be suitable for laying terrace, decking, or garden tiles. That is why you should use our floor pedestals. Choose our terrace pedestals to mount a beam. This forms the basis for your decking, which you can easily level with the adjustable terrace support. For tiles, you can use our tile supports, which are also adjustable in height. Because the anchors are made of high-quality plastic, they can bear large weights and keep your construction above the ground for a long time.

To strengthen your construction, in addition to beam anchors, choose a purlin support brace, storm anchors, coupling plates, and rider supports. You can use this as storm protection, but also to give a heavy construction extra strength. For maximum strength, combine our anchors and brackets with strong mounting material, like our galvanized coach screws, or galvanized chipboard screws.

Are you mounting a shelf to the wall for storage or decoration? Then choose from one of our many shelf brackets. For heavy materials, opt for heavily galvanized shelf brackets. For a unique or luxurious look, our industrial shelf brackets or black metal shelf brackets. For decoration, our leather shelf brackets look great on your wall. Prefer no visible anchors? Then choose our invisible shelf brackets. Choose our wall rail system for plenty of flexible storage space.

Pergola Brackets

Wovar has various pergola brackets, with which you can quickly create a roof, carport, or other construction. Are you going for galvanized steel corner brackets, or rather our black-coated brackets for your posts? Choose from our T-joints or pergola corner brackets. Wovar supplies corner brackets for all kinds of wood thicknesses, up to 20 x 20 cm thick. Take, for example, our popular pergola bracket of 15 x 15 cm. You have come to the right place at Wovar for every type of pergola connection. Also think of our popular pergola corner, to make a sturdy and beautiful square frame. A wood-jointed pergola not only quickly creates a construction, but also a sturdy construction. With the brackets for pergolas, you can easily create a beautiful canopy. You can firmly attach the connecting pieces with one of our types of bolts. From carriage bolts to coach screws, Wovar has many types and sizes in its range.


Are you going to build a deck or terrace? Then it is important to ensure that you have an even product. Use our adjustable pedestals to ensure that all your tiles or planks are level. You can choose from tile pedestals and decking pedestals.

With tile support, you can lift concrete tiles. With our adjustable terrace support, you place the joists at the same height, regardless of your surface.

Post Holders

You should also shop at Wovar for your post holders! Wovar has various flat post holders, also known as flat post bases in its range. With these post holders, you can realize a solid mounting of your post on a concrete floor, terrace tiles, or decking. This is due to the flat underside of the post holder. Always use strong post holder screws, such as our construction lag screws or coach screws. In addition to our popular flat post base, Wovar also has pointed post anchors. The pointed post anchors can be used to insert a post into the ground. Are you going to pour a concrete floor? Then you can immediately insert our column bases (H-anchors and U-anchors). This gives you an extra-strong connection for posts. You should always pour concrete around or insert H-post anchors straight into freshly poured quick cement for a 30-minute solid attachment. You can also screw your post holders to your concrete floor, just like our flat post holders. For a floating effect of your post, use our Adjustable Elevated Post Bases. These are always adjustable in height and are often used for a floating look of your roof. There is also a special model: the height-adjustable elevated post base. You can always combine these with our concrete piers for a solid base for posts. You will find these variants with our column bases. Wovar has various collapsible anchors and even ground screws, for a solid foundation for your construction. If you are not going to use a good post holder, but wish to place your posts directly into the ground, you will probably have to deal with wood rot. To prevent this, provide your posts with our Postsaver post protector sleeves.

Beam Brackets

To make a sturdy construction with your posts, such as a shed or outbuilding, you need strong attachments. You can place the beams for these heavy constructions using our beam supports. A popular form of this comes in the form of our beam brackets. For extra strength, choose the metal beam brackets with flange. For more flexibility, go for our purlin hangers. If you go for certainty, choose our joist hangers, also known as U-shape brackets. These have been extensively tested, which means that they have received a CE Quality Seal. These brackets are slightly different from standard beam brackets because they have wings on the side. For a unique look or a perfect match with black beams, go for our black beam brackets. To attach planks to your posts, combine the joist hangers with corner brackets. For chairs, you use chair corners and furniture corners. For extra reinforcement in constructions, choose the straight model of these anchors, also known as mending plates. You can make a strong swing set frame with the help of our swing connectors. In this way, you can quickly make your own swing. Don't like visible connections? Then our invisible beam brackets are a godsend. Reinforce your construction? Then you can use a purlin weld, ridge supports, or storm anchors. You can fasten all these models of our beam, joist, or rafter brackets with one of our screws. Think of our universal screws; the garden screws, but also our chipboard screws or construction lag screws.

Shelf Brackets

Are you looking for metal brackets for mounting a shelf? Then Wovar has many different options for you! Our iron shelf brackets are available in different shapes and sizes. With heavy shelf brackets, you can make a shelf on the wall, on which you put books or other accessories. Choose from one of our sizes black metal shelf brackets, heavy galvanized shelf brackets, white metal shelf brackets, industrial shelf brackets, leather shelf brackets, invisible shelf brackets, aluminum shelf brackets, or our wall rail system. You can put together this F-rail system yourself and it forms a shelf support system for all your belongings. For an invisible mounting, choose our floating shelves, where you only see the shelf. For a unique look, go for our leather shelf brackets. For a modern look, choose our industrial shelf brackets or black metal shelf brackets. The black-colored ones are very popular right now!