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Wovar supplies chains in many sizes. Order different types of chains from us per 1 m. Chains are available in galvanised steel and stainless steel. A galvanised steel chain is stronger than a stainless steel chain, as stainless steel is softer than galvanised steel. The links of both types of steel chains are welded, resulting in strong, sturdy chains.

You can easily combine these chains with our carabiners. This makes the use of the link chain a lot easier when mounting, for example, shade sails. The chains have different breaking forces depending on the length and thickness of the links in the chain. You can change the length of the chain at home with the right tools.

The chains are used to secure all kinds of things. Think, for example, of securing fences or bikes.

Order chains in various designs, materials, and dimensions. Our link chains are strong, easy to use, and combine well with carabiners. Use a chain to lock a bike or fence, or to section off a specific area. Order from us for the best quality and the lowest price. 

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