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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
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Wovar Hardware

Are you going to start a job? Then of course you also need the right tools. Wovar has a wide range of tools, hand tools, and other DIY accessories. This varies from drills and bits to a complete tool trolley. Make your own tool wall with all our different tools and hand tools. Do you want specially priced tools? Then take a look at our hand tools and bargains. Here you will find bargain tools. In addition to basic tools, Wovar also offers very specific tools. Also, check our promotions and offers.

Hand Tools and Bargains

You use hand tools for many different jobs. If you are going to make materials to measure, Wovar has handsaws and pliers for you. Use our measuring tools to measure. and measure everything correctly. Keep your safety in mind while working with our work gloves and more. An old-fashioned screwdriver or the handy universal pliers: the water pump pliers. With our hand tools, you will find all your hand tools for competitive prices and delivered quickly!

Multi-Tool Saws

Do you own a multi-tool? Then you can use this powerful tool to cut materials to size. We have included various multi-tool saws in our range for this. These saws are easy to use and quickly exchangeable. With us, you can choose from different types of connections. Think of the commonly used universal connection, but also star lock, supercut, and DW 

Drills and Accessories

To properly install your screws and bolts, use drills. Think of metal drills, hardwood drills, and concrete drills, but also specific drills such as countersink drills and hose drills. After you drill the correct hole, install the screws. Naturally, you use our high-quality bits and bit sets. Of course, the drills also include high-quality screws and bolts. Wovar offers these powerful fasteners in various shapes and sizes. Are you going for the stainless steel, galvanized, or black version?

Saw Blades and Cutting Discs

Wovar has a wide range of saw blades and cutting discs. This allows you to easily customize all your materials. We supply saw blades for reciprocating saws, jigsaws, circular saws, and more. Do you want to cut a round hole? Then we have hole saws for this.

With a hole saw you can quickly saw a perfectly round hole. For all other sawing work, Wovar has reciprocating saws and jigsaws. Cutting tiles or metal? Then our diamond saw blades and cutting discs are for you. 

Shims and Adjusting Wedges

Are you going to make a construction such as a door frame? Then in some cases, you will have to deal with slack or gaps. These can cause your construction to be skewed or less strong. You can easily solve this with shims and adjusting wedges. You slide these plastic plates into hollow spaces, after which they are nicely filled. 

Trailer Nets

You are legally obliged to cover your load in a trailer. You use trailer nets for this. A trailer net prevents you from losing your load on the road. For a small price, you can enjoy a trailer net for many years. Wovar trailer nets are made of high-quality materials, perfect for your tough jobs. Avoid hefty fines and promote road safety by installing a trailer net over your trailer.

Rope and Chains

To fasten things quickly or permanently, choose rope and chain. You can tie a rope to all kinds of different materials. Our rope is made of strong braided nylon, so you can tie large weights to the rope. As for the chain, you can choose from a stainless steel model, which is perfect for outdoor use. In addition, the foot chains are galvanized and suitable for heavy jobs. 

Power Tools

Coming soon to Wovar: power tools! Power tools allow you to build structures and do other jobs at a rapid pace. With a cordless drill, you can easily make mounting holes in your building materials. Then take a cordless screwdriver to drive in your screws using our high-quality Torx bits.

Led Lighting from Wovar

Also view our mega range of LED lighting, from floodlights to construction lamps, and from street lamps to outdoor lighting. Now, we also have outdoor lamps with sensors and office lighting from LED panels. Always A-quality LED lamps with CE Quality Seal with delivery throughout Europe and beyond.