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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Looking for a hammer? There are many types of hammers and each hammer has its own applications. Hammers can be used for everything from hitting a nail on the head to paving. We offer hammers in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you need a claw hammer, mallet, sledgehammer, or lump hammer, you will find it on our website. 

Most of the hammers we sell have an ashwood handle, but fibreglass and steel handles are also available.

Cross pein hammer

The cross pein hammer is also called the engineer's hammer. This is a hammer with a flat, square head, which is perfect for driving nails into wood. The hammer is available in several weights, from 100 to 1000 grams. In addition to the difference in weight, you can also get different types of handles. Cross pein hammers are available with an ashwood handle, as well as a fibreglass handle.

Claw hammer

The big difference between the cross pein hammer and the claw hammer is the claw at the back of the claw hammer. This claw is used to pull nails out of the wood, ideal for when the nail is crooked, not at the right angle, or for removing old nails. This results in a hammer that is perfect for carpentry jobs. The claw hammer is available with a wooden, steel, and fibreglass handle.


Sledgehammers are ideal for demolition work that requires a lot of force, like brick walls. A sledgehammer consists of a long handle with a heavy head. The long handle means there is a long swinging range. This, in turn, increases the force of the hammer blow. The head of the hammer is available in different weights between 3 kg and 6 kg. The more force required for the demolition job, the heavier the head of the sledgehammer should be.


Rubber mallets are used, among others, when paving. After placing the pavers, they are tapped with a rubber mallet to secure them and remove height differences. The rubber head of the mallet does not damage the tiles or stones.

Lump hammer

A lump hammer is also called a club hammer. This hammer is frequently used in combination with a chisel. The heavy head of the hammer allows you to, for example, easily remove tiles from the wall with a chisel. Lump hammers are available with different handles and in various weights. Choose from 1 kg, 1.5 kg, or 2 kg hammers, and between a wooden or fibreglass handle.

Tip: When you leave a hammer with a wooden handle out for one night, the handle will expand slightly because it absorbed some moisture. This results in an even more secure handle that will not break.

Ordering hammers

Do you want a top-quality hammer? Wovar offers only high-quality products. Are you a professional in the construction or landscaping industry? Wovar’s business clients enjoy many benefits with a free business account.

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