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Invisible Beam Brackets

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Invisible Beam Brackets

Looking for an attachment of beams where the beam brackets cannot be seen? Then use our invisible beam brackets. The beam brackets are placed on the beams, creating a hidden beam connection. The invisible beam brackets from Wovar are available in different sizes so that almost all beam sizes can be attached with the beam bracket for a hidden beam connection. The invisible beam brackets are always supplied per set and include mounting material.

Each set consists of two invisible beam brackets with which you mount one cross beam on the main beam. The best result is achieved when both parts are milled in the beam so that the hidden beam connection disappears completely in the beams.

The sets for concealed wood connectors are available from our own stock. In addition to invisible beam brackets, Wovar also supplies standard beam brackets and joist hangers. See our full range of metal brackets for wood beams. Are you going to build a canopy or carport with a flat roof? Check out our EPDM rubber sheet.

Invisible beam supports from Wovar are of course not truly invisible. They do, however, provide a concealed beam connection. A hidden wood connection is super sleek and neat for your roof or carport, for example. Normally, it is very difficult to make a hidden beam attachment. You have to arrange the beams in all kinds of complicated ways. With the invisible beam supports from Wovar, this is super easy which allows anyone to make a hidden wood connection!

How Does an Invisible Beam Bracket Work?

Invisible beam brackets from Wovar consist of 3 parts. Namely one male disk, one female disk, and a set of matching screws. The size of the discs or plates determines which beam sizes are suitable for the invisible beam support. The size also determines the number of screws that can be used. This also automatically determines the strength and load-bearing capacity of the beam supports.

The larger the disks, the stronger the beam support is and therefore the greater of a load-bearing capacity it can handle. Our invisible beam bracket 30 x 30 mm is very popular. This can be used for 4.5 x 9 cm beams and of course the popular beams 5 x 10 cm and 5 x 15 cm.

How do I Install Invisible Beam Brackets?

Attaching the components of the invisible beam bracket is quite simple. Free screws are included with each set. You do not have to figure this out yourself or order it separately. How many screws you get with which size depends on the chosen size of beam supports. For the best end result, it is important to sink the invisible beam brackets slightly into the wood. This can be done very easily with a chisel. For each beam bracket, it is indicated how deep you should countersink it for the best result.

How much Load-bearing Capacity do Invisible Beam Brackets Have?

The load-bearing capacity of the invisible beam brackets also depends on the size. The larger the beam support, the more load-bearing capacity it has. For convenience, we have entered the maximum carrying capacity for each beam support in a handy table. The bearing capacity has also been considered. This way you can see at a glance whether the beam brackets meet your requirements. Super handy!

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Ordering Invisible Beam Brackets

Order invisible beam supports quickly and easily from Wovar. Often at your home the next day. Companies such as construction companies, handymen, and gardeners benefit from extra benefits with a business account.

In addition to these beam brackets, Wovar also supplies shelf brackets, roof trims, and post holders.