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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Plant Protection

Want to protect your plants? Then plant supports are a great solution. Wovar offers plant supports in various sizes, so you can find a suitable support for all kinds of plants. The plant supports are made of galvanised steel with a dark green PVC coating.

Using plant supports

Rain and wind can break or weaken beautiful plants and flowers. Fortunately, we offer plant supports for plants in all sizes. The dark green colour allows the support to blend in, so the plant remains the main focus. You can place the plant supports wherever you might need them. The steel supports are a maximum of 8 mm thick, so you can easily push them into the ground. If necessary, you could use a rubber mallet to drive it into the ground.

Buy plant protection

Order protection for your plants and let them flourish. Wovar has a wide range of garden products, so you can provide your garden with the best care possible. Have a look at our hose pipes, weed membranes, or hand tools, including garden trowels and hand cultivators. And if you want protect your trees, check our tree protection category.

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