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Mini Joist Hangers

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Mini Joist Hangers

You can buy mini joist hangers for a low price at Wovar. We deliver galvanised joist hangers all over Europe. The steel beam mini hangers are widely used for light-duty applications, including trimmers and ceiling joists.

The width of the beam that you are going to use is equal to the number of mm of the joist hanger, a 46 mm bracket is, therefore, suitable for a beam with a head size of 45x70 mm. The mini hangers provide a nice T-construction. The dimensions of these galvanised brackets correspond to narrow beams that are used, for example, to make a storage attic that is not overloaded. Consider the sizes 38x63 and 45x70 mm beams.

In addition to these mini timber hangers, Wovar also supplies shelf brackets, roof trims, and post holders.

The mini joist hanger of 46 mm is the most commonly sold. Each beam hanger is suitable for a different beam size, the number of mm for beam support is the width of the beam size that fits in this hanger. Wovar has the following mini joist hangers in stock:

  • Mini joist hangers of 38 mm
  • Mini joist hangers of 40 mm
  • Mini joist hangers of 46 mm
  • Mini joist hangers of 50 mm
  • Mini joist hangers of 58 mm

Thanks to the many mounting holes, you can easily mount the galvanised steel hangers with our chipboard screws for a very sturdy construction.

Order Mini Joist Hangers for Light Timber Beams

Buy Wovar mini joist hangers in different sizes. Discover the convenience of the brackets while building your canopy. Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

In addition to our mini joist hagners, also see our very strong beam brackets and joist hangers. Additionally, you will also find beautiful black beam brackets and even invisible beam brackets for hidden beam mounting.

Complete your order and order carriage bolts, coach screws, or construction lag screws at the same time!