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With the many different pulleys from Wovar, you can easily lift, lower and move materials. This way, you make moving heavy objects a lot easier and you can get your jobs done faster. At Wovar you can find transverse pulleys, screw pulleys, hinged pulleys, awning pulleys, hoisting pulleys, and roller locks with a polyamide wheel. In addition to lifting and moving objects, pulleys are also suitable for operating your sun blinds, adjusting lamps, and many other types of jobs. In addition, you can contact Wovar for pulleys especially for awnings, but also for sliding door rollers for cabinet doors.

Wovar's pulleys are easy to assemble and allow a cord or piece of steel wire to roll smoothly. For the exact specifications per pulley, including groove width and dimensions, see the product pages. Do not forget to order a piece of cord or steel wire, so that you can use the pulleys immediately.

Lifting Pulleys

The word says it all. With lifting pulleys, you can lift objects and then move them. Think of tools, machines, and all kinds of other objects that you can think of. Pulleys are therefore often used in workshops, but they are also useful for moving house, for example. Not all pulleys can withstand the same amount of force. Smaller pulleys are therefore often used for adjusting, for example, sun protection, such as a shade cloth. Also used with sometimes small pulleys to adjust the height of lamps. At Wovar you can find many different lifting pulleys, in different sizes and shapes. 

Marquis Pulleys

Marquis or Awning pulleys are specially made for opening and closing your awnings. These pulleys are available in black and silver-gray to match the color of your awnings. The pulleys are available with a screw eye, with an open eye, and as a standing model. Assembly is very simple in all cases. The model with an open eye can simply be hooked on and the two other models can be screwed into place at the desired location. The polyamide wheels are very flexible, allowing you to open and close your awnings smoothly.

Sliding Door Rolls

Sliding door rollers are used to roll sliding doors open and closed. The rollers can be installed at the bottom of your sliding door. To make the rollers fit, it is, therefore, necessary to provide the doors with a hollow space at the bottom. You can easily fix the rollers with 2 screws. After installing 2 rollers per door, you can place the door on a track. You can read on the product page which rail width fits each sliding door roller.