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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Maintaining your garden becomes a lot easier with the right rake. But what kind of rake do you need for which job? Wovar offers several kinds of rakes, like garden rakes, leaf rakes, and scarifying rakes. All of our products are accompanied by an information text, so you will know exactly whether it is the right rake for your garden.

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Garden Rake

A garden rake has rigid tines, that you cannot bend. It is the perfect tool for removing rubbish from your garden and evening out soil, gravel, or sand. Wovar's garden rakes are high-quality and come with a handle. When choosing the right garden rake for the job, pay attention to the number of tines. More tines amount to a wider rake, which in turn can cover a larger area than a rake with a smaller number of tines.

Leaf rake

Leaf rakes, sometimes called lawn rakes, are used to remove leaves, grass, and light rubbish. Compared to a garden rake, a leaf rake is equipped with more tines, and these tines can be bent. With a leaf rake, you can keep your garden clean without much effort. Wovar's leaf rakes come with a handle and are of a high quality.

Scarifying rake

To keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, scarifying the grass on a regular basis is essential. Over time, a layer of thatch, consisting of moss and organic matter, forms on your lawn. This prevents the grass from getting the room, nutrients, and oxygen it needs. To solve this problem, scarify your lawn twice a year with a scarifying rake (also called thatch rake).

Scarifying works by sliding the knives of the rake through the grass to remove the layer of thatch. We recommend doing this both horizontally and vertically, so you are sure to have removed everything. Divide your garden into squares of 1 square meter, so you are less likely to forget a spot.

Ordering rakes for your garden

Order your new, high-quality rakes and keep your garden looking neat and tidy. Are you a professional gardener or landscaper? Business owners in, among others, the landscaping and construction sector benefit from many advantages with a free business account

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