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Wovar Black Beam Supports Heavy

Wovar supplies heavy joist hangers and heavy beam carriers, also in black. The black beam supports have a CE mark. The CE mark means that the beam supports black meet the legal requirements with regard to safety, health and environment. The black powder coating has an enormous adhesion and a high scratch resistance. After the black powder coating, a black top coat has been applied. The black top layer provides a beautiful shine. In addition to the beautiful finish, the black layer also provides better protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion. The black ravel carriers are made of galvanized steel. This makes them very strong.

We deliver beam supports and beam supports everywhere throughout Europe. We are known for our attractive prices, high quality and fast delivery. Also discover hardware wholesaler Wovar for screws and hardware. Your delivery will be at your doorstep within 2-5 business days.

Wovar supplies black beam supports in 2 different types. Namely as beam supports and joist hangers. The black joist hangers are slightly wider than beam supports. The black beam supports have a flange. This can easily be built in during the construction of the wall. For timber frame construction, you attach the beam supports by screwing the flange on top of the beam with our galvanized torx screws!

Joist hangers black

Black joists hangers have more mounting holes than our black beam supports. It is also possible to use thicker lag screws or plugs, because the mounting holes are larger. In most cases, joist hangers are only used when a ceiling is placed under the beam. Because this joist hanger is provided with a beautiful black coating, this is no longer necessary! A huge advantage in addition to the beautiful appearance is that the black trimmer carrier is well protected against rust and oxidation. joist hangers in black are available for 5 x 15 cm beams, 5 x 10 cm beams and 4.5 x 14.5 cm beams.

Beam supports black

The black beam supports from Wovar are a sight to behold. You no longer need to cut beams for a beautiful finish to your roof. This time-consuming construction is a thing of the past thanks to the black beam support from Wovar. This allows you to mount beams firmly, efficiently and above all with a beautiful finish. The beam supports black are suitable for attaching 5 x 15 cm beams.

Black joist hangers and beam supports only for sale at Wovar!

Order the beautiful black beam supports at Wovar! Wovar is the only supplier of black beam supports in Europe! Your order is delivered at your doorstep in 2-5 business days! Companies in the construction and garden industry receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

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