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Big Bags

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Big Bags

Are you looking for builders bags or big bags? Big bags and rubble sacks are perfect for transporting large amounts of rubble, sand, soil, and the like. You can actually use it for almost any material. In fact, big bags are nothing more than big, strong builders bags.

Wovar only supplies empty rubble bags. It is therefore not possible to order big bags with, for example, sand or garden soil. Whatever you need to move, if it concerns larger quantities, we recommend a big bag.

Are rubble sacks not quite what you are looking for? Wovar also supplies clear plastic sheeting, landscape fabrics, and tarpaulins.

So what you have to take into account when choosing between a regular bin bag or a big bag is the amount of material you want to transport. For a small amount, you can use regular bags, and for large amounts you should opt for a big bag.

PP woven

Wovar supplies contractor bags in two different types. Our big bags are PP woven. PP woven rubble sacks are stronger than regular, plastic bags. So do you have to tow heavy and grubby pieces of rubble? Then we recommend going for PP woven bags. PP woven big bags are also provided with a tie rope. This makes it easy to close the bags. The colour of these big bags is white.

Empty big bags for up to 1500 kg

In short, you can pick from three different big bags. We tried not to make it more complicated than it already is. That is why we offer big bags suitable for 1000 kg and 1500 kg. In addition, a distinction is made in the size of the big bags. For example, Wovar supplies big bags of 80 x 80 x 80 cm. This is slightly larger than a half cubic meter and therefore easier to work with. You can actually say that this is a 0.75 m3 big bag.

In addition, you can choose from big bags with a volume of 1 cubic meter. These 1 m3 big bags differ from each other by their load-bearing capacity. You can opt for a big bag that can handle 1000 kg, or a big bag that can carry 1500 kg. Thanks to the helpful lifting loops, which all our big bags have, you can easily lift the big bags with a crane or forklift.

Ordering big bags

Order empty rubble sacks or big bags for the lowest price from Wovar. Construction companies, handyman companies, and gardeners benefit from extra benefits with a business account.