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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Garden Screws

Wovar is the place to be when you are looking for garden screws. Garden screws can be divided into several subcategories, including:

All these garden screws have a myriad of applications, both indoors and outdoors. For example, use the screws to build a fence, garden shed, chicken coop, carport, or other structure. If you are planning on building a deck, we recommend using our deck screws. Wovar supplies high-quality garden screws to both individuals and companies. 

Stainless steel 410 garden screws

Wovar’s stainless steel garden screws are incredibly popular. While they are mainly used by professionals, they are also beloved by DIY-ers. Our stainless steel garden screws are made of 410 stainless steel, which is stronger than regular, A2 stainless steel, meaning they will not break. These 410 stainless steel screws are just as strong as galvanised screws, with the added advantage that they do not oxidise. Wovar’s garden screws are equipped with milling ribs, which create room for the shank and ensure the strength of the screw is retained.

For hardwoods such as Oak, Garapa, Kapur, and Red Cedar, always choose our coated screws for Oak and Garapa Hardwood. These are specially protected against extreme Tannic acids. We recommend using our hammer fixings or frame fixings for securing wood to a stone wall.  

Are you looking for great screws for outdoor use? All stainless steel and galvanised garden screws from Wovar have a type 17 cutting point. This makes drilling pilot holes a thing of the past in softwood. With hardwood, pilot holes remain necessary. This is easy with our hardwood drill bits. Wovar garden screws are also hardened by means of a special heat treatment, that heats the garden screws to an extreme temperature, and then cools them down very quickly.

Galvanised garden screws

Wovar's galvanised garden screws are very strong. This is because the screws are made of galvanised steel. The zinc layer protects the garden screw against oxidation. When damaged, the screw can oxidise slightly. Therefore, always make sure that you work with our high-quality torx bits. These have a better grip on the garden screws and ensure that your machine does not slip. This way you minimise the chance of damage to the screw. If you are going to work with hardwood, we recommend using our stainless steel 410 garden screws or coated garden screws.

Black garden screws

The Wovar black garden screws are almost the same as our regular stainless steel 410 garden screws. The only difference is that these black garden screws have a black-coated head. These screws are therefore extremely suitable for fastening black boards. The high-quality top layers have been applied professionally and have high wear-resistance. 

Ordering garden screws online

Order garden screws for making fences or wooden furniture from Wovar. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as extra discounts with a business account.