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Looking for a specific kind of glue? We offer a variety of adhesives, such as EPDM adhesive. This kind of glue is used to fasten EPDM sheeting. Added to that, you can find stone glue here, which is the best solution for glueing all sorts of stone together. And no tool kit is complete without superglue, with its endless possibilities. Find the adhesive you need for your project on our website.

EPDM Adhesives

EPDM adhesive is used to fasten EPDM sheeting. Our EPDM glue is UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and waterproof. The adhesive is sold in tubes, so you can simply apply it with a caulking gun.

Stone glue

Are you planning to glue stones together? Then Wovar’s stone glue is a great option. This adhesive is suitable for joining all kinds of stone together, including natural stones, as well as glueing wood to stone. 


With Wovar’s superglue, you can stick a myriad of materials together in mere seconds. It is suitable for most plastics, rubber, wood, paper, metal, and more. Superglue is the solution when you need something fixed quickly and securely.

Buy adhesives

Get the right adhesive for your project with our EPDM adhesive, stone glue, and superglue. Are you a business owner in the construction or landscaping industry? Sign up for a free business account to enjoy additional benefits, including a business discount and a detailed order history. 

Is this not quite what you need? Browse all our sealants and adhesives, including duct tape, chemical anchors, and double-sided tape.