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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Roofing Screws and EPDMScrewsFasteners

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Roofing Screws and EPDM

Wovar supplies roof screws suitable for every roof. This way you can easily order roof screws in various shapes and sizes for the best prices. With galvanised and stainless steel roof screws from Wovar, you are assured of a solid anchoring of your roof. You can mount roof tile sheets with our roof tile sheet screws. These self-drilling roof screws are watertight due to the EPDM sealing ring. Wovar corrugated sheet screws are recommended for fastening sheet metal. These are made of stainless steel so they do not oxidise. The extra-deep Torx impression ensures a fast working tempo. Our fast delivery applies to all waterproof screws for corrugated metal roofs, roof tile sheets, and other roof sheets. If you order your roof screws before 22:00, we will ship them out the next day! Fast delivery to all of Europe! 

In addition to screws and fastening materials for roofs, Wovar also supplies everything for roofing, such as EPDM rubber sheeting and Lead Replacement. 

Basically speaking, Wovar is your supplier of roof screws suitable for all metal roofing sheets and corrugated sheets. Wovar helps you make the right choice for your roof screws. It is important to consider in what material you are going to fasten the roof tile or corrugated sheets. Besides roof screws, you can also find sheet pile screws with us.

Metal Roof Substructure

When you mount tile sheets or corrugated sheets on metal, choose our roof tile screws. Due to the fine thread and the self-drilling head, they ensure a firm connection to your roof sheets. The self-drilling head also makes pre-drilling unnecessary. The roof tile screws with self-drilling heads are available in different colours. For example, Wovar supplies roof tile screws in anthracite, black, and grey.

Roof Screws for Wooden Substructure

All Wovar roof screws can be used with a wooden substructure. The difference is that the corrugated iron screws have a better adhesion in the wood due to the coarse thread. With roof tile screws with a self-drilling point, it is not necessary to pre-drill into the roof tile or corrugated sheets. 

With our corrugated sheets, it is necessary to drill a hole in the corrugated sheets beforehand. Wovar corrugated iron screws are 4.5 mm thick. To pre-drill your corrugated or tile sheets, use a 5.5 mm or 6 mm thick metal or hardwood drill bit from Wovar. If you use metal roofing sheets, our metal drills are recommended. When you work with corrugated plastic sheets, you can also opt for our hardwood drill bits

The high-quality EPDM ring ensures that your roof remains watertight. The length of the roofing screws is easy to determine. It is important that the roofing screw is always screwed into the wood for at least 2 cm.

EPDM Rubber Sheeting

In addition to all roofing screws, Wovar also supplies super handy ready-to-use EPDM roof foil packages. These packages are specially made for the wooden roofs of your canopy or carport, for example, and are supplied complete with glue, sealant, and rollers. The packages are composed on the basis of the most common roof dimensions. It is indicated per package for which maximum dimensions of your roof the package is suitable. It is therefore not a problem if your roof is slightly smaller than a maximum specified roof size. Take, for example, our EPDM roof foil package for up to 450 x 380 cm roofs. Do you have a roof of 400 x 350 cm? Then it is no problem to use this package!

Buying Roofing Screws and EPDM Rubber Sheets

Order roofing screws from Wovar for the lowest prices. Take advantage of our volume discount per product and enjoy our extra competitive prices! Green and construction companies, such as Handyman companies, construction companies, and gardeners, receive extra benefits at Wovar, such as discounts with a business account. 

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