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Flex Fence Black

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Flex Fence Black

Are you looking for black flex fence louver systems? Flex fences consist of rails that you attach wooden boards to. They are basically large shutters and provide shade as well as privacy for your garden or home. The wonderful thing about these flex fences is that they are flexible. By opening them all the way, you let in more light and air. By closing them, you create more privacy and shade. These black louver systems can be used in a myriad of ways for a wide range of purposes. A few examples are using it as a window, wall, or roof for your gazebo or porch. You can build a fence with these rails, the possibilities are endless. The black flex fence louver systems are available with the following lengths: 50 cm, 95 cm, 122 cm, 165 cm, and 220 cm.

Assembling a flex fence

Our flex fences can be used in several ways. They are mostly used as windows and walls for a gazebo or porch. When the sun is out, you can open them up to let the light in, and you can easily close them again when you need some shade or want to keep out the wind. Next to this, you can also use them as a fence around your garden or as the roof of your patio. One of the main advantages of flex fences is that they are relatively easy to assemble.

In short, this is how you install a flex fence.

  1. Determine where on the post you want the rail.
  2. Attach the rail to the post with the long screws that come with the flex fence.
  3. Measure the distance between the rails and cut the wood to size. Note: the wooden boards cannot be longer than 180 cm.
  4. Use short screws to attach the wood to the rails. Make sure to secure them all in the same position, this gives the best result.

In the video below, you can see how to install Flex Fence louver frames. 

Ordering a black flex fence

Build an amazing patio roof, wind screen, or flexible fence with these black flex fence louver systems. Do you own a construction or landscaping business? Sign up for a free business account and enjoy all kinds of benefits.

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