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Steel Nail Plates

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Steel Nail Plates

Are you looking for nail plates? Wovar has various sizes of nail plates in its range, all of which are made of galvanised steel. Nail plates are used to join two beams together. You place two beams with the ends together, then you place one half of the plate on one beam and the other half on the other beam. Measure carefully where the nail plate should be placed and then secure it by driving nails into the appropriate holes. The diameter of the nail holes is 4 mm. Therefore make sure that the diameter of the nails is slightly smaller so that they just fit. At Wovar you can choose from nail plates of different sizes. In addition, you can also opt for a truss plate or a nail plate with staples.

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Connecting Plates

Nail plates are very useful for fastening beams together. They are therefore also called connecting plates. Connecting plates are used in many roof constructions that are later concealed by carpentry, such as trusses. This is because you can easily connect beams to it, which leads to a very strong construction. Of course, this has to be removed, because nail plates don't look very nice of course. In short, super handy for all types of wood connections. Order your nail plates quickly from Wovar!

Buying your Steel Nail Plates

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