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Corten Steel Tree Rings

Are you looking for a nice way to finish the ground around your trees? A corten steel tree ring from Wovar is a very good solution for this and brings many advantages. A tree ring is really just a round and wide border that you place around your tree. This gives your garden a very luxurious and, above all, modern finish. Additionally, these rings make maintenance easier and cheaper and it avoids chemical weed killing around the trunk. For example, you can place gravel or bark between the tree ring and the grass so that fewer weeds grow. 

Wovar has these tree rings in different sizes in its range. Our tree rings are available in diameters of 50 cm, 75 cm, and 100 cm. The edge widths of these models are 10 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm. Which size is most suitable for your garden depends mainly on your taste. You can also look at how spacious your garden is. If your garden is more compact, we recommend choosing a smaller model because it will probably fit better. If you have a spacious garden and all the space, we recommend choosing a large model.

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Placing Tree Rings

Wovar's tree rings are actually quite easy to install. The rings consist of two halves that can be very easily put together by means of a plate and supplied bolts. Then you can simply push the ring into the ground. You can use a rubber mallet to see the tree ring completely flush with the surface. Once the ring is in place, you can fill the area around the trunk with material such as gravel or bark. 

Ordering Tree Rings

Are the Wovar tree rings exactly what you were looking for? Then order them quickly for a competitive price. Moreover, with Wovar you are always assured of a quality product. 

Are you a business customer in, for example, the landscaping industry? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of many advantages, such as a 15% discount on all your orders and your own contact person. Also, large consumers have come to the right place at Wovar. We offer attractive volume discounts on many products in our range. 

Are tree rings not quite what you are looking for? Wovar also has many types of garden edging in its range, including corten steel edging and steel garden edging