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Corten Steel Tree Rings

Are you looking for a finishing touch around your tree? A corten steel tree ring is a great option to give your tree that something extra. The tree rings are available with a diameter of 50 cm, 75 cm, and 100 cm. The best size for your garden depends mostly on taste. Added to that, you can look at the size of your garden. In a compact garden, a smaller tree ring will probably fit better, whereas a large tree ring looks great in a large garden.

A tree ring is basically circular garden edging for around a tree. Tree rings simplify tree maintenance and protect the roots of the tree. They also eliminate the need for chemical weed killers close to the tree, as you can fill the space between the border and the tree with gravel or wood chips. This prevents weeds from growing, which in turn leaves more nutrients in the soil for the tree.

You can choose between flat tree rings and upright tree rings. The main difference between the two, apart from appearance, is that upright tree rings are better for water retention.

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Installing a tree ring

Wovar's tree rings are easy to install. There is a slightly different method depending on the type of tree ring. Flat tree rings are simply a case of attaching the two halves and pushing it into the ground. Upright tree rings require a bit more work. You will first have to dig a small trench around the tree, then place the tree ring, and close the trench. For both types of tree ring, you can use a rubber mallet to tap the tree ring deeper into the ground. The final step is filling up the area between the tree trunk and the ring, for example, with gravel or wood chips.


By installing a tree ring, you create an open space around the trunk of the tree. This space gives the tree easier access to water and air. You can opt for planting flowers in this space. In that case, we recommend planting corncockles, violets, or calendulas. 

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Are tree rings not quite what you are looking for? Wovar offers a wide variety of garden edging, including corten steel edging and steel garden edging

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