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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Round Head Screw Nails

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Round Head Screw Nails

Our stainless steel button head screws are very suitable for mounting wooden facade cladding. Also, choose A-brand Wovar. Wovar is the brand for stainless steel round head nails in various sizes. Round head screws, also called round head nails, facade nails, and screw nails, logically have a round head and are ribbed. This round head should remain ON your facade wood, so never hit the head in the wood. This will damage your facade wood and increase the risk of leakage in the future. Screw wholesaler Wovar supplies many of these so-called ring nails to timber merchants and private individuals who work with red cedar wood facade planks and Siberian larch facade wood. Pre-drilling is recommended for thermally modified Ayous and Fraké. The most sold screw nail for 18 mm thickness facade planks is our 45 mm length stainless steel facade screws.  

Are you looking for stainless steel screw nails for wooden facade cladding? This can be Swedish rebate, tongue and groove rebate, rhombus profile, channel siding (vertical cladding), or half-timber planks. The spherical head of these screws is often used for facade cladding. The round head then lies nicely on the wood. With Wovar button head screws you can be sure of the right mix of high quality and an attractive price. Wovar supplies ribbed nails to individuals and companies.

However, companies benefit from additional benefits with Wovar! We often sell these so-called stainless steel button head facade screws to companies that process Red Cedar wood for homes.

Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Ordering your Stainless Steel Round Head Screw Nails

Order stainless steel button head screws from Wovar for the lowest price. Do you have a business account as a construction company or a Handyman company? Don't forget to enter your personal coupon code!