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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Coach Bolts

Wovar offers coach bolts in galvanised steel, stainless steel, and black. Always including nut and washer. Coach bolts are also called carriage bolts. All coach bolts have a square part underneath the round head. This square neck clamps into the wood, preventing the bolt from twisting when tightening the nut. Coach bolts are frequently used for strong wood-on-wood connections. The most sold sizes are M8, M10, and M12 carriage bolts.

Galvanised coach bolts are incredibly strong and available in lengths up to 300 mm. Stainless steel coach bolts are slightly softer, but will not oxidise. Opt for stainless steel bolts for hardwood types with tannic acids, such as oak and garapa. We also offer black galvanised steel carriage bolts . The high-quality black coating protects the bolt against rust and gives the bolt a beautiful shine. 

How do I install coach bolts?

The rounded head of the coach bolts create a sleek finish. Under this head is a square neck. When the coach bolt is inserted in the hole, hit it with a hammer. Use a rubber mallet to avoid damaging the bolt. The hit causes the square neck to clamp in the wood. This means the carriage bolt will not twist when you are tightening the nut. The size of the spanner is 13 mm for an M8 bolt, and 17 mm for an M10 bolt.
Wovar’s coach bolts have a 4.6 quality. This means the carriage bolts have a tensile strength of 40 kg mm2.

Galvanised coach bolts

Wovar’s galvanised bolts are incredibly strong. They are stronger than A2 stainless steel carriage bolts, but may oxidise when the zinc layer is damaged. If you install coach bolts correctly, this layer will not be damaged and the bolt will not oxidise. For heavy wooden structures, we recommend using these galvanised coach. The shank of the bolt is threaded. The length of the threaded part differs per bolt size. The bolt includes a nut and washer.

Wovar sells coach bolts per piece and in sets of 10. Construction and carpentry businesses can sign up for a free business account to enjoy even more benefits, such as a business discount.

Stainless steel coach bolts

Our stainless steel coach bolts are completely threaded. The bolt includes a nut and washer. A2 stainless steel carriage bolts are not as strong as galvanised bolts. However, the steel is perfect for use in humid environments and can withstand regular chemical deterioration. In addition, stainless steel does not rust, resulting in extremely durable bolts.

Black coach bolts

Wovar’s black coach bolts are incredibly popular. The carriage bolts look great combined with our black gate hinges and other black hardware. But most importantly, they are made of strong, galvanised steel and rust-resistant. This is due to the high-quality deltacoll coating. The black coach bolts have been treated with an intense salt spray test.

The correct drill bit

For an M8 coach bolt, drill a hole with a 9 mm thick drill bit. Similarly, an M10 coach bolt requires a hole that has been drilled with an 11 mm thick drill bit. The hole being 1 mm bigger in diameter than the carriage bolt allows the bolt to slide through smoothly without giving the bolt too much wiggle room. It is important to use drill bits with a high concentricity value. Check out our wood, hardwood, and metal drill bits.

Coach bolts with nut and washer

A big advantage of Wovar’s coach bolts is that they come with a nut and washer. A coach bolt without the corresponding nut and washer is pointless, which is why decided to include these with the bolts for free. Our black carriage bolts even have a black nut and washer. Should you prefer a specific washer or nut, for instance a shakeproof washer or lock nut, then you will have to add these to your order separately.

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