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Do you want to build a deck and are you using wooden posts as foundation? Then you will need to secure the beams with carriage bolts. For every post, you use one carriage bolt. With 6 x 6 cm posts and 4.5 x 7 cm, use M8 x 120 mm carriage bolts. For bigger posts, for example 7 x 7 cm, use M8 x 140 cm carriage bolts.

Carriage bolts are threaded bolts with a semicircular, smooth head. A carriage bolt should always be used with a nut. Carriage bolts are usually used for strong and heavy construction. Wovar supplies a nut and washer with every carriage bolt.

Pre-drilling is always required when working with carriage bolts. We recommend using a drill bit 1 mm thicker than the bolt. Often, you use carriage bolts that are 1 cm longer than the material you want to secure. Underneath the semicircular head is a square part. By hitting the head with a rubber hammer, the square bit clamps the wood. Now, the bolt will not turn when you tighten the nut. The washer provides an increased bearing surface and clamp force.

To remove a carriage bolt, remove the nut from the bolt. Next, push out the carriage bolt. This will be even easier when you used a washer. Because the head of the carriage bolt is completely smooth, you will not be able to remove the bolt from this end.

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Wovar Carriage Bolts

Wovar supplies carriage bolts galvanized, stainless steel and in black, always including nut and washer. Carriage bolts are also called coach bolts. Each Wovar carriage bolt has a square section under the semicircular head. This clamps in the wood so that the bolt does not turn when the nut is tightened. carriage bolts are widely used for strong wood to wood constructions. The most sold carriage bolt head sizes are carriage bolts m8, carriage bolts m10 and carriage bolts m12. All carriage bolts ordered in Europe are delivered in 2-5 business days.

Galvanized carriage bolts are very strong and available in lengths up to 300 mm. Stainless steel carriage bolts are slightly softer but do not oxidize. Always choose stainless steel for hardwoods with tannic acids such as Oak and Garapa. The black carriage bolts are made of galvanized steel and then provided with a delta coating. This offers extra protection against rust and looks beautiful.

In addition to the carriage bolts made of galvanized and stainless steel material which are provided by Wovar, you will also find black carriage bolts in various sizes. Wovar supplies carriage bolts in the thickness properties m8 and m10. The corresponding lengths will range from 30 to 220 mm. Please note, galvanized carriage bolts are stronger than stainless steel carriage bolts. The advantage with stainless steel bolts on the other hand, is that they do not oxidize and are thus highly resistant to rusting.

Carriage bolts complete with nut and washer

The rounded head of the Wovar carriage bolts provide a nice finish. Below this head is a square part. When the carriage bolt has been passed through the intended hole, a tap can be given on the rounded head. Use a rubber mallet to avoid damaging the carriage bolts. The tap clamps the square part under the semicircular head into the wood. This ensures that the carriage bolt does not turn when the nut is tightened. The wrench width of an M8 nut is 13 mm. M10 nuts are tightened by wrenches with a key width of 17 mm.

The carriage bolts from Wovar have a 4.6 quality. This gives the carriage bolts a tensile strength of 40 kg per mm2. Woar's black carriage bolts have a delta-col coating. This is a high-quality black coating that protects the galvanized black carriage bolts against corrosion.

Carriage bolts galvanized

Galvanized carriage bolts from Wovar are very strong and stronger than stainless steel A2 carriage bolts. The disadvantage is that the carriage bolts can oxidize slightly after the zinc coating is damaged. If you install galvanized carriage bolts correctly, the zinc coating will not be damaged and the carriage bolts will not oxidize. For heavier timber constructions, wovar recommends these galvanized carriage bolts. The lower part of the carriage bolts is threaded. The amount of this differs per length. Wovar supplies galvanized carriage bolts in the thicknesses such as carriage bolts M6, carriage bolts M8, wood bolts M10 and carriage bolts M12. The lengths vary from 30 to 300 mm.

Carriage bolts stainless steel

The stainless steel carriage bolts from Wovar do not oxidize and are fully threaded. Wovar is the only company that supplies stainless steel carriage bolts complete with washer and nut. Useful! Stainless steel A2 carriage bolts are less strong than galvanized carriage bolts. Stainless steel A2 is the most commonly used steel group in the Netherlands. This is because this steel quality is suitable in a wet environment and resistant to normal chemical attack. Wovar has stainless steel carriage bolts of 45 to 150 mm long in the thicknesses M8 and M10.

Carriage bolts black

The black carriage bolts from Wovar are extremely popular. The carriage bolts not only look beautiful in your garden combined with our black hinges, but are also made of strong galvanized steel and resistant to corrosion. This is due to the high-quality delta-coll coating. The black carriage bolts have undergone an intensive salt spray test. As with the gray zinc-plated carriage bolts, the black carriage bolts are threaded at the end. Wovar supplies black carriage bolts in M8 x 30 - 90 mm.

The correct drill size

M8 carriage bolts are placed in holes drilled with a 9mm drill bit. With m10 carriage bolts it is necessary to use an 11 mm thick drill. The 1 mm larger bore hole ensures that the carriage bolts pass through the hole smoothly and does not give the carriage bolts enough room to move. It is important to use drill bits with high concentricity. You will find these with our Wovar metal and hardwood drill bits.

Wovar supplies carriage bolts per piece and in sets of 10 pieces. We work with volume discounts. This way you get a lot of benefits with an order of 5 sets. Construction and DIY companies must sign up for a business account to take advantage of additional benefits such as discounts.

Build a deck on picket posts

Are you going to build a deck on picket posts? Most customers then order m8x120 mm galvanized carriage bolts, as these fit perfectly through 6x6 picket posts that you mount to 4.5x7 cm beams. Order anti-root cloth right away through the Wovar webshop.