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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Stepping Stones

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Stepping Stones

Are you looking for stepping stones to create a path in your garden? Then these corten steel stepping stones are ideal! They can be placed on grass or in the dirt between plants, as well as on gravel. The raised sides of the stepping stone allow you to press the tiles well into the ground and prevent them from shifting. Another advantage is that you can easily mow grass over them, depending on the lawnmower and the height of the stepping stone.

Corten steel stepping stones

The material used for the stepping stones is corten steel. This is a metal alloy of iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel, and chromium have been added. The material rusts in the same way as ordinary steel, but the rust layer formed crystallises after a few months as a protective layer on the steel. Because it does not rust through, the product retains its natural appearance without losing strength. These stepping stones are a great match with other corten steel products, such as our corten steel garden edging and garden screens

Garden stepping stones

Garden stepping stones are ideal for creating a path through your garden and walking through your garden without getting your shoes dirty. Our corten steel stepping stones are available in rectangles measuring 30 x 60 cm and 40 x 80 cm, as well as in an organic shape. Mix and match the different shapes and sizes for a dynamic path, or use the same stepping stones to create continuity.

Corten steel products

When you receive the stepping stones, they do not have their signature colour yet. The natural oxidation process of corten steel can take weeks to months. During this time, you simply leave the stepping stones outside. Don't want to wait so long? The quickest way to transform the tiles is by using rust accelerator. Apply the rust accelerator with a sponge and the stepping stones will be ready about 10 hours later.

Note: the corten steel might stain objects it comes into contact with during the oxidation process.

Combine these stepping stones with other corten steel products for in the garden, such as planters, tree rings, and garden edging